Winter Solstice at Avebury

Winter Solstice at Avebury

A day of great significance this year. This year Jupiter and Saturn will align in the sign of Aquarius.

This "Great Conjunction" hasn't happened in almost 400 years. As we welcome the Age of Aquarius, we do so with great relief. We say goodbye to a time of materialism and striving for selfish gains. We embrace a cosmic shift signalling the move towards our collective well-being, a focus on new ideas & innovation that will help our fellow human beings.
At this time, like the firey red skies at sunset signalling an approaching new dawn, we surround ourselves with the oranges and reds to inspire the fire in us and to lift our heads and hearts up to the Universe, preparing to release the Greatness within.
Find that heat and power in our gorgeous necklaces like the ones made with Carnelian (left) and Garnet (right).
Wrap your wrists with one of our handmade Mala.
Maybe wear one over your left hand, its energy pulsating directly along and with the beats of your heart.
Crystals can help elevate our energy, aligning ourselves with the opportunity to feel, learn, release, and strengthen our spirit and souls.
Envelope yourself with the scents of winter, lifting you up while we hibernate, readying ourselves for a new time, a new Age, a better us.

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