Astrology Candles

Astrological Candles

Star Child Astrological Candles contain a blend of colours and Lunar prepared Magical Infusions to reflect the energy of each sign. Each sign can be expressed either positively or negatively, depending on one’s personal focus. Attitudes can be changed and negative expressions can change into positive by power of affirmation and invocation.

Astrological Candles can be burnt to create a special ambience at any time, though their soft light is particularly conducive for romantic occasions. Candles are widely used for spiritual and magical work. Ritualistic candle burning aids concentration on a specific magical intent. As you focus on the flame visualise your intentions being consumed and transformed into ethereal thought forms. Energy follows thought. To turn your dreams, wishes and visualisations into realities, follow thought with action, charged with the cosmic energy of the sacred fire.

Our Astrological candles are potentised with our unique Lunar prepared Magical Infusions, which contain herbs collected from the respective parts of the Glastonbury Zodiac. The collections are made in accordance with the solar and lunar cycles at the appropriate times of the year. The symbols assigned to each type of oil indicate the ethereal nature of the special infusions added to the respective blends and thus provide a reference to their magical qualities.

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