Elements... The Beginning.... The Power of 6

Elements... The Beginning.... The Power of 6

I blinked and Elements of Avebury was 6!

When I consider my Elements journey, I look back to the beginning and realise what a huge chance I was taking at the time - and a huge risk! So what made me do it? 

My intuition, a gut feeling, messages of light.... trust..... I took a chance on a 'feeling' and believed I could...

What happens when you take a leap of faith?

Some things are meant to be and on the Spring Equinox of 2017 I opened Elements by taking a leap of faith.... in Avebury. And what a journey it has been for both me and Elements and still is!

From childhood I have been connected with the Spiritual Realms, I have seen things that no-one else could, felt things no one else seemed to feel and trusted myself over the top of anyone else. Does this equate to a life's purpose? Does this mean I got myself here?

Do you ever question your own life purpose? Why you are here, what is next? And what answers are you given?

When I jumped out of the corporate world and into this one it was a huge change - and a huge shock! People ask me 'If you knew then what you know now would you have still taken the chance?'

My answer is irrevocably YES!

Being inside an ancient stone circle is a wonderful place to create the most amazing jewellery and there is still so much I do not usually share... maybe I will start.... one day!

It may sound strange, but living and working inside a very ancient stone circle can be tricky sometimes. Energy pours in and out of Avebury like a tap being switched on and off. As I have now been here a lot of time I have become a conduit for the energy - a custodian of the land... 

Over the last 6 years I have walked miles across this land, I have meditated, made organic offerings and held deep ceremony on the land... Doing this opens up a beautiful relationship with the land and she starts to speak... I hear her, I feel her, I know her and she allows me to work with her.

Creating jewellery within this space in incredible - the enormous power, flooding through this sacred site, through my shop, through the crystals held here and through my hands into the jewellery is spectacular... I can feel it.... and so do my customers!

There is a magic to the work that I do in Elements - its tangible.

Elements customers are highly sensitive beings, attracted to Elements because she connects them in some way to Avebury. It's always been that way ever since I opened my doors 6 years ago. And many of them have become friends - which for me is part of the magic. Its very humbling and a great honour to be in this space.

With all this energy about how do we make sure Elements is 'Clean'

It's important to me that when customers walk in they feel a sense of peace, clarity and are able to browse with a clear head. Ensuring this is the case takes time and patience.. 

So what do we do?

When we come in in the morning we do a 'sweep' of the old energies - clearing them through the shop with a cleansing spray or incense. For more stubborn energies we will burn sage, chant or play music and even sound bowl!

Our crystal room likes music! We play high frequency music throughout the day and on occasion we blast 'Dancing on the Ceiling by Lionel Richie'... I know it sounds weird but honestly - our crystals love the vibration of this happy music - especially if we are singing along with them!

Keeping our precious stones happy in the store means they harmonise... and their vibration is felt, we have clients who contact us from around the world to purchase from us - its such a wonderful feeling knowing that this little shop's frequency is seen and felt, like a bright, shining beacon.

I have set up some very special shields around my home and shop, they are full of love - because love is everything and everything is love... this brings a sense of calm.

I blinked and Elements is 6... and I have been here for 6 years - my soul on my path... Elements has her own consciousness and she connects with people in so many amazing ways... she has shown me how to connect too. 

I love each and every one of you reading this, I am honoured to have you in my shop, in my life. Thank you for remembering!

Until next time

One Love

Donna xxx

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