A Journey Through Time....

A Journey Through Time....
The one guarantee in life is that nothing stays the same. Life is always moving, changing, just as we are breathing and growing. Sometimes change can feel overwhelming, out of our control. Meditation and holding on to something
tangible enable us to slow down, regroup, and move with intention. That's where our Malas come in.

The Mala is a journey through time, space, and elements, encircling you with life- affirming spirit. 108 crystal beads, each chosen specifically. Each knot tied with guidance from spirit, set with an intention and bound to the Guru bead that holds your prayers and hopes for a life to be lived with purpose. Handmade in Avebury by Donna who channels the messages and guidance from the energy and magic that surround her to create a Mala that speaks through her to you. You can even have one made just for you...

To see the whole Mala collection click here

At Elements of Avebury, with Spring Equinox around the corner, we also have a very special quarterly collection--The Equinox Mala, handmade by Donna and delivered to those who subscribe to be part of a global tribe of truth seekers searching for the guidance and strength embedded in our Earth, emitted during Solstice, and enveloping us with inspiration to be who we are destined to to be.

The space in which we live (and work) influences our energy and is, in turn, influenced by the energy we bring in. There are many things we can do to enhance our spirit and thus expand our hearts and minds. From plants and paintings to soft furnishings, small adjustments can make a huge impact. The final touch can and should be essential oils. They possess the power to affect our moods and sense of well-being. They can help in the healing process be it physical or emotional. They can even open the gates to other dimensions. Jasmine and Eucalyptus (above) are a couple of our suggestions to get you started.

(Do not use Eucalyptus if you live with a dog or a cat as it can be poisonous for them)


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