The Equinox Mala Collection

An exclusive, limited edition collection of pieces made specifically with the heightened energy brought by Nature’s solstices.

A very special quarterly collection delivered to those who subscribe to be part of a global tribe of truth seekers searching for the guidance and strength embedded in our Earth, emitted during Solstice, and enveloping us with inspiration to be who we are destined t to be.

How it works…

We hold a register of names for each specialist batch of Mala, the batches are strictly limited and made ONLY for people who have their names on the register.

Every equinox a beautiful Mala will be created for each person on the register, the beads, threads, and tassel are all especially selected for the coming equinox and created with the energy and magic of that time, here in Avebury.

Space on the register costs £77 per quarter and you are free to leave at any time.

Our waiting list…

Keeping a tight control on the register is important to us, the quality of the Mala is essential and as each one is handmade to order, the register remains closed. You are most welcome to join our waiting list and we can let you know if a space becomes available.

As a reminder…

There is no minimum commitment / you can skip a season if you need to

There are no hidden costs – its £77 and this includes P&P (to the UK only - worldwide shipping will incur a £15 P&P cost)

Each Equinox Mala will be different, different beads, colours and energy

To join our waiting list click here

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