Creating Connection

Creating Connection


When the sun shines we feel our energy soar. The sun radiates solar energy making life on this Earth possible. It repairs, heals, and rejuvenates. Perhaps that is why some of us feel more "in tune" with ourselves when feeling the warmth envelope us. Now imagine being surrounded by that energy all the time.

The right crystals offer a sense of connection to ourselves. The right crystals, help us find our way to ourselves. We have a whole new selection from which you can choose. Be guided by them, see to which you are drawn.
In fact, that's how Donna at Elements of Avebury creates spiritual jewellery. Whether it's for the shop or made-to-order specifically for you, she is guided by the spirits around her, elevated by the magic that swirls within the ancient stone circle in Avebury, Wiltshire.

Connect with the right crystal for you

If you're searching for some answers, some clarity, maybe even a sense of peace, wearing something made just for you with a crystal combination that is unique to your energy could guide you to finding those answers that, essentially, live in your heart.

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