Super Charged Total Solar Eclipse

Super Charged Total Solar Eclipse
December 14th is the date when we will see the second and final solar eclipse of 2020 and this one is a total solar eclipse.
It is a brilliant time for us to intensify the clarity of our intentions, prepare to put the year behind us, and revel in a season of possibilities. That's right. Let's let go of the year that was, accept what it has taught us, and ready ourselves for the life we truly want.
How, you may ask? We've got you covered with some ideas.

Peridot Necklace

A gorgeous green cascade of peridot beads meeting in the middle with a golden sphere holding Avebury's magical energy within. Peridot is a
powerful emotional cleanser, helping you let go of the past and finding the gift in experiences; the first step in accelerating true change.

Burma Jade & Rock Crystal beads brought together in this handmade Mala created within the ancient stone circle in Avebury. This Mala will ground you into the Gaia energies & re-balance your energy field. Jade is a protective stone linking us to Universal abundance.

Green Opal Sphere

Opal helps us understand our full potential and release inhibitions for us to see ourselves, value ourselves, and put ourselves on the path towards fulfilling our desires. It is also a karmic stone, healing our energy field, repairing all that was to make way for all that could be.

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