New Year; New Goals

New Year; New Goals

At Elements of Avebury, we don't buy into the 'New Year New You' way of thinking.

Our philosophy is that every part of you has value and should be recognised as an important part of your journey.

What you may feel is a flaw, is actually a unique opportunity to accept, grow, and love yourself. You are a beautiful being who deserves love, who deserves to know that you were born perfect in your own way.

So, instead of finding a "new you", maybe start uncovering the BEST version of you. That person is in there and we are here to help lift you up, give you strength, and celebrate all that you are.


Mallacholla and Moss Agate are stones that aid in giving us that feeling of being supported on our journey wherever we are.

Mallacholla helps you stand in your power and regenerates the whole chakra and meridian systems of the physical and subtle bodies while Moss Agate strengthens your self-esteem.


Bring a deeper connection to your being by wearing our jewellery handmade in Avebury. From a Tiger's Eye bracelet wrapped around your wrist to protect you to our Deep Work Mala made with garnet, supporting emotional clearing whilst holding you in deep love.

Imagine where life can take you when you do that hard work of letting go of past hurts and blocks clearing the way for a world and life of abundance and love. Find that piece that works with you in our Mala Collection.

Close to your heart and influencing your mind and spirit. Our necklaces are not only beautiful they are made with intention.

Whether it is our stunning Indian Cut Garnet necklace (the image on the front page) or our Amber Point Pendant Wire Wrapped necklace (above), you will wear them knowing they are infused with the powerful energy surrounding Avebury, nourishing your soul. Garnet is a powerfully energising stone whilst conversely, it can bring you serenity and Amber brings stability to life but also motivates by linking what is wished for to the drive to achieve it. Find your perfect aid in our Jewellery Collection.


Explore our Crystal Collection.

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