What is Beltain?

What is Beltain?

On May 1st we will be celebrating Beltain – but what is this celebration for? 

I decided to take a look…. A little bit closer to home… 

At 4:30am in Avebury a small group of people will come together, the ladies will dress up and the gents will also dress up as Green Men. They scatter themselves around the Avebury Stone Circle and play kiss chase… once the gent has caught his girl they will dance their dance around the Maypole in celebration of the ending of Springtime and the early view of the summer sunshine. 

Maypoles symbolise the male energy and the multi coloured ribbons symbolise the female energy wrapping itself around the male form. Dancing around the maypole with the ribbons, the colours and the songs brings the whole world alive to celebrate the union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. 

Beltain is the honour of nature’s oldest love story – the marriage of the God to the Goddess in an eternal embrace. Winter caused their separation and this glorious reunion is celebrated with food, drink and maypoles. 

Honouring the divine balance of masculine and feminine after the long winter separation male and female can now come together and give birth to new ideas, new life, new passions, new projects and unbridled sensuality. 

Honouring fertility, sex and abundance this glorious time of year celebrates everything beautiful on Earth. It’s fun, fertile and fiery (Beltain means bright fire) 

The symbol of Beltain is fire… unmarried men would leap over a bonfire and wish for a wife and young ladies would do the same and wish for fertility - embrace your sexual nature! 

Beltain is celebrated really well in Scotland where they have a full festival spirit – it looks like an extremely exciting festival to attend. For more details on the Beltain Fire Festival click here 

How would YOU like to bring Beltain into your life this week? 

Fill your space with full colours using flowers where you can in all the different shades and colours (think about all the beautiful colours around a maypole! 

What crystals do you have that you can pull out and use at this time? Move your artwork around a little… move some colourful pictures around your home to refresh the space.

Design and create something in your sacred space – use bright colours that will symbolise that you created it at Beltain. Pop a crystal into the work? If you are an artist embed a crystal into something you are designing to add some sparkle and colour. 

Dance around a fire… invite some friends over… in the old days people used to do this naked… I’l leave that up to you! 😊 

Looking for love? This is a good time to attract them in… light a green or purple candle the evening before May 1st and visualise it happening! 

Beltain signifies the start of the long summer days in the UK… we all love them so much. Just thinking about it makes me happy. 

Happy Beltain to one and all 

One Love 

Donna xxx

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