Lemurian - Code Keeper of Freedom

Lemurian - Code Keeper of Freedom

The Lemurian Code Keeper of Freedom

Super excited to share that Elements of Avebury are currently in possession of some hand selected Lemurian Code Keeper of Freedom Crystals. 

These are the crystals that form the base from which the very popular Lemurian Seed crystals grow from and have been named as ‘The Code Keeper of Freedom’ They are a unique crystal from Corinto, Minus Gerais in Brazil. 

The Brazilians named them the Code Keeper of Freedom because they are the mother of all Lemurians. These are highly sought after Master Crystals with an extremely high vibration. 

The outside edges are full of codes and etchings whilst the inside of the crystal is totally clear which symbolises our soul, our purity. 

These crystals have only now been found because we are now ready for the information they possess and want to release. 

The keepers of these wonderful crystals may receive personal information that could speed up your own development or information that helps others or the Earth – they are multi-dimensional databases. 

In order to access the information, you hold the stone close to or on your third eye. Once the connection has been made – the flow of information is very calm 

This stone will push waves of light through you freeing you of any structures you may be stuck in at this time. The light from the crystal flows through all of your being. During the process the crystal will keep you grounded. 

Code Keeper Freedom Crystals will open and activate your third eye, crown and soul star chakra’s. This may happen simultaneously but it can also work with those chakra’s one at a time. There is also a strong connection to the cosmic chakras. 

These crystals can help to raise your consciousness and provide contact with the ultimate divine being that we are in essence. Enabling you to awaken again and become your pure self so that you can manifest your dreams and aspirations that are your birth right. 

This crystal, with its unique freeform, frees you so you can start to live more from the divine being that you really are. This can provide a higher awareness and the enlightenment possible for all on earth by opening the mind and causing a vibrational shift to happen both on a personal and planetary level. 

By providing a deep holistic and spiritual healing these crystals can help our own development and that of Mother Earth by raising our consciousness to the highest level. There is a world on earth that we desire, it is full of light and love and oneness with everything around us. This ascension is happening now – being part of it is amazing! 

If you are interested in owning one of these fabulous crystals then please contact us on info@elementsofavebury.co.uk or pop into the shop where one of us will be happy to assist you. 

One Love 



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