Can Crystals Help YOU?

Can Crystals Help YOU?

Is crystal energy a real thing? My Story.

Running Elements of Avebury and selling beautiful crystals is like a dream come true for me. Literally my heart, my soul and my life are carefully put into making it a lovely space for customers to come and select their crystals. 

If you are new to crystals then it can all be quite overwhelming. There are so many different shapes and even more different types of crystals… 

The crystal world is HUGE and this blog is just a snippet of information to help you to start getting into crystals. 

The Science Part… 

My own journey and theories are not shared by everyone and in order to bring a somewhat balanced view to my blog I have decided to cover a small amount of the scientific part (or lack of it) into my blog. I am not a scientist and would never claim to be so my knowledge on what does not exist is limited. 

There are many people who believe that crystals and their perceived ‘energy’ are pseudoscience. That basically means they do not believe that crystals can heal or do anything for that matter, they really are just pretty rocks dug up from the Earth… 

That statement suggests that there is currently no scientific evidence to suggest that crystals have their own energy. 

Despite that, there are hundreds upon hundreds of books that have been written and sold around the world about crystals and their energy. Many thousands of people around the world can feel and use energy from crystals – regardless of it being relatively unexplained. 

Could it be possible that some people are more sensitive than others? 

In order to demonstrate the point that we all have different sensitivities one of my latest reads recently was about Misophonia… It is a noise that only affects a small percentage of people. If you have sensitive hearing and are someone that cannot bear the sound of other people chewing, or nails running down a chalk board for example then you could be suffering with Misophonia… but not everyone does and that is my point. 

Could this prove that different people have different sensitivities to crystal energy? Could this mean some feel crystal energies and others don’t. After all, everyone is different – we definitely all agree on that. 

Of course, having worked with crystals for many years I have a somewhat biased view on whether you can feel their energy and with that in mind, I will continue with my blog… 

Tuning in to Crystal Energy 

I see lots of different people come and go at Elements of Avebury and all have their own unique way of selecting the right crystal for them… 

Many people who come in ask for our advice and help on how to make sure they are choosing the right crystal for them so I thought I would take a bit of time to share some of the basics as it may help you. 

The starting point for beginners using crystals 

Selecting the right crystal is fun and interesting. Firstly, pick the right crystal shop! Believe it or not crystal shops have their own energy about them. You are looking for a lovely bright environment and, if possible, I always try and ‘tune in’ to the energy of the building… basically – does it make you feel happy to be in there? If it doesn’t – find another shop! 

Once you are happy with your crystal shop you will see a variety of different crystals and my advice is to go and look at them. 

When I first began this journey, people used to tell me you shouldn’t choose crystals with your eyes, it should be about the feeling and in part, I agree. The feeling part comes later but we were born with a set of eyes, they can tell you so much – so let them! 

When choosing crystals so many people talk about ‘trusting your spirit guides’ ‘trusting your connection to earth’ and I think this is where people get overwhelmed. Everyone wants to do it right and when they struggle to feel their spirit guides or connection, they think they are not doing it right…

WRONG – This is rubbish…. All you need to do is trust YOU. 

Tune in… ‘what does this mean’ I hear you ask? All you need to do is completely relax, that’s it! Relax and take your time. There is no rush and good crystal shops wouldn’t dream of rushing people to select their crystals – quite the opposite, so take your time and prepare to be in there for as long as it takes. 

Relax and allow your eyes to wander around the cabinets and shelves – which crystals have started to catch your eye? Note the different colours – is one colour retaining your gaze for longer than others? This is meant to be fun so HAVE FUN! 

Are any of the crystals making you want to reach out and touch them? If so you are ‘tuning in’ to their energy….. I told you it was easy! 

Once you have ‘tuned in’ to the way the crystals look you are going to allow yourself to tune in to the way they make you feel. This part of the process does not always come through straight away and may take a little longer to master but you will get there. 

Short Explanation…. My own view….. 

In my opinion crystals emanate an energy, as do humans, animals, plants and most ‘living’ things on the planet. The difference with animals, humans and plants you can see and feel their ‘life’ This is far harder with crystals and many people struggle with this part for exactly that reason – but bear with it! 

A bit of a tangent coming up…. 

I’l try to explain as briefly and easily as I can what happens to me when I hold a crystal in my hand and tune in. I may feel a number of different feelings (not all at once) One of the first things that happens is I may feel a particular part of my body tingle or ‘wake up’ – sometimes that can feel like butterflies in my stomach, excitement or it may be more definite. 

Other times it may be an emotion - I could feel happy, or sad. I might feel energised or awakened. I may feel overwhelmed with love. Crystals can make me cry with happiness…. And also sadness. (but that is another story) 

Sometimes I feel absolutely nothing and if that ever happens that is definitely not the crystal for me. 

Let’s talk about when I do get a feeling… Where is it? Was I expecting it? And do I think at this stage that the crystal I am holding in my hand can help me? Even if only subtly? 

So… the Rose Quartz I’m holding has just filled me with complete and utter love… am I looking for love? Is my relationship struggling at the moment? Are my children fighting all the time? 

And really?? Is this chunk of rock really going to help with any of that? 

Let’s debate this. I’m going to stick with the Rose Quartz example because it’s easy… My first ever crystal was a Rose Quartz … the gorgeous pink rock that came out of the earth – wow. I was in love with the way the crystal looked let alone anything else… 

But I did feel ‘love’ when I held it, I felt an emotion coming from my heart. In the days and weeks ahead of me what I found was that I needed to love myself because I didn’t – my life story is long and laborious (and I may share it one day because it was also exciting at times) but the bottom line was when I found that Rose Quartz I was down on my luck. I should say the Rose Quartz found me! 

I bring the Rose Quartz crystal home and place it on my bedside… 

Now whether that was a placebo effect or whether it came from that crystal didn’t matter – day by day I started caring more about myself, more about the people around me. I read about Rose Quartz, loads, I learned that it wasn’t just about loving others – or falling in love, it was about loving myself – and really loving myself not just a glance in a mirror… deep, focused love and forgiveness. 

That hole I was in… it didn’t last and before I knew it, I was on my way back up and life started feeling good again. 

That was the start of things for me many years ago and I have never looked back. 

Cleansing and Programming Crystals 

It doesn’t stop there, once you have selected the right crystal they need to be cleansed and programmed. 

I will be blogging about how to do these two things later on in the year – if you are anything like me you will want to know how to do this NOW. 

Avebury Workshops is our sister company and there is a Crystals Basic Workshop running on 9th June that will help anyone who has little or no experience in working with crystals. 

Can Crystals Help YOU? 

I could never promise that if you bought a Rose Quartz that it would find you love, get you married within a year, sort out your home life – that wouldn’t be fair of me to say that BUT if you were open to changing your usual thought patterns and allowing some gorgeous energy into your life then who knows what might happen? 

My advice for what it is worth? Pop into your local crystal shop and have a look around? Each crystal holds a different energy and, as I have previously mentioned, there are hundreds of books you could choose from to find out how these amazing stones can help you in your life. 

Over the last 20 years I have been working with crystals, ever since that first day I bought the Rose Quartz. 

I feel very honored and humbled owning Elements of Avebury, a crystal shop in the middle of Avebury Stone Circle. We don’t just sell beautiful crystals, I also design and create spiritual jewellery using crystals within each piece. 

If you feel drawn to come and see us please do, one thing is for sure – you will LOVE our crystals. 

One Love 

Donna xxx







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