5 Crystals to help you stay positive

5 Crystals to help you stay positive

5 crystals to help you stay positive 

Being happy all the time is a wonderful ideal, but isn’t really possible. Having a miserable day can sometimes lead to a miserable week… and before you know it you are in a right old funk and have managed to irritate everyone around you including yourself!

And on the bigger stuff…. it’s a real challenge to pick yourself back up when you have been knocked down.

For around 20 years I have worked with crystals, they are everywhere in my house – and my workplace! Designing and creating crystal jewellery means I also wear them… in fact - I totally hold crystals responsible for where I am in life today. They are my happy place!

We see a huge number of customers coming into Elements to seek my crystal knowledge and expertise to select the ones they need on a daily basis. It’s part of my job that I really, really love.

How can I help YOU today? I have selected my favourite 5 happy positive crystals to share with you. I have chosen crystals that are easy to get hold of and easy to carry around in a pocket. They are also readily available in jewellery. (I design and create pieces made especially for you)

The reason why I have selected them is also shared in this blog so you can decide which ones you need in your life right now….

  1. Lapis Lazuli

Do you find yourself in situations of high levels of stress? We have all been there, work is a nightmare, the children are poorly, you seem to have no time for yourself.

This ancient and very revered stone was highly prized for its beautiful colour of blue and gold. A stone that brings a serene state of mind and can release stress, anger, cruelty and suffering thus supporting the harmonising any situations of conflict leaving you to concentrate on peace, love and positivity!

Of course, I am not saying that having this beauty in your home or workplace is going to totally change everything – but I have worked with crystals for long enough to know that it is definitely worth a try.

Hold a piece of Lapiz in your hands and close your eyes for five minutes every day could just give you that little bit of time out you so need and deserve. Everyone can give themselves 5 minutes – you are worth it!

  1. Rose Quartz

If you are suffering from a love loss, struggling with a friendship or trying to support family situations then having the beautiful qualities of rose quartz around you might help.

Representing unconditional love of the highest degree, rose quartz is the teacher of self-love and helps you to value YOU.

There are times in life where our happiness is shattered by problems in love, relationships and friendships. Rose Quartz can help to heal past trauma’s and can restore trust and harmony in current relationships with family, friends and partners. It is a stone of infinite peace, love and happiness.

No crystal can work miracles, sometimes it’s about you helping you too – but having the gentle energy of Rose Quartz in your bedroom somewhere and allowing it to work its subtle magic whilst you sleep might just be what you need.

  1. Amethyst

Are you being negative at the moment? Maybe you are surrounded by negative people? Does everything seem to be working against you? Do you just want to stay in bed, eat chocolates and watch TV?

Having no motivation can sometimes be so hard. I found that when I was studying at Uni as a mature student when the pressure was on – all I wanted to do was moan and hide!

Amethyst is a wonderful little helper in life – like the little black dress of your wardrobe – everyone should have one!

Helping to stimulate the mind whilst balancing out the high’s and lows Amethyst has a unique way of transmuting negative energy into positive energy.

It can also improve motivation – so if you have a plan – Amethyst might help you achieve it! (I have recently posted a short social media post on Amethyst on Facebook and Instagram)

I have Amethyst everywhere, its in my bedroom, dining room, lounge and workspace – you can never really over do it with Amethyst.

  1. Citrine

So…. You are creating idea’s but not sure how to bring them to life. You have a plan (thanks Amethyst) but don’t know quite how to make it work… you need a stone that can help with a positive mental attitude and also be your abundance stone!

Look no further than happy Citrine. Citrine carry’s the bright, positive energy of the sun which has an energising effect on the mind and body.

Helping to release negative traits Citrine can help you get into the groove of happy and contented feelings which leads to a more positive outlook on all aspects of life.

You might even feel like your physical energy is higher by wearing or carrying Citrine.

Citrine has always been my abundance stone…. Popping a piece into the furthest left-hand side of a room may pave the way for an abundance of money!

  1. Fluorite

Does everything feel chaotic? Is your mind a mess because it is full of everything you need to do?

I know when I am busy everything else seems to fall by the wayside – jobs get started and never finished and stuff just starts piling up around me!

This stone has helped me to start working through things in a more methodical way which in turn finds the calm within the chaos. Once you have a way through, everything starts flowing in the right way again.

When I am feeling chaotic it seems that I can’t see the woods for the trees. Fluorite helps to bring clarity to the situations I am dealing with, whether that’s home or work. It also helps to support clear communications so my confusion doesn’t become everyone else’s!

I also find that when I am not myself, the impact can sometimes be my home life is a little bit crazy too. If your home or life are disorganised having a piece of Fluorite in your resting space such as the lounge or bathroom might really work for you.

This stone can also support any learning that you are doing by increasing concentration and linking new learning to old knowledge.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog…. I will be writing a blog very soon on ‘ Releasing Negative Energies’ so please keep an eye on Facebook and our website.

Carrying and wearing stones has been done by generations of our ancestors. I have been designing and creating spiritual jewellery for many, many years. Blending different crystals together to offer my clients something very unique to them.

If you are visiting Avebury in Wiltshire then pop into Elements of Avebury and say hi!

As always, I welcome any comments or thoughts.

One Love

Donna xxxx





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