Angels... My Experience...

Angels... My Experience...

I don't know about you, recently I have felt and seen Angels in abundance around me, Avebury, they are in my dreams, my meditations - when I tuned in to understand why they were visiting me, they made it clear that I needed to share my experiences...

Have Angels or Archangels ever touched your life? 

They did mine, several years before I moved to Avebury in Wiltshire and they are still present today. 

I always had a huge interest in the spirit world from guides to shape-shifters.

From a young age they appeared to me, I was fascinated and hooked, however, Angels were a different thing altogether!

Back in 2001 life for me was quite different, I had re-located back to the UK from Sardinia, Italy in 1998. My marriage had broken down irreparably, my 8-year-old son and I had no money and were living in a house that had been allocated to us because we were homeless. If I ever needed some luck and some help, now was definitely the time.

Visiting the nearest bookshop one afternoon I happened across a book called ‘Angel Inspiration’ written by a lady called Diana Cooper. Reading some of the pages I learned that she had lost her husband and was completely alone when an Angel appeared to her in her bedroom – her story is really moving and I wanted to know more about her – and the Angels that guided her.

The book was something like £10.99 – My son and I were fortunate enough to be within the UK's benefits system but unfortunately the book was too expensive for me to buy, plus it was new out so there were no special offers.

Sitting in the shop I read as much as I could before I had to leave. One of the things the book suggested was to ask the Angels for help and ask for a sign to show they are listening.

Well, for me there was no better time, I needed help… I had a very confused little boy who had changed countries, his home life, his friends and his school... a sign would be amazing! As I walked up the High Street I did exactly what the book told me to do… I asked the Angels to give me a sign.

The following day I was out in town again and something pulled me into a charity shop, as I scanned the racks of clothes, crockery and shoes I saw a bookshelf… I went over and there it was, the book I hadn’t been able to afford the day before ‘Angel Inspiration’ by Diana Cooper. It was in the charity shop for £3!

What on earth was a brand-new release doing in a charity shop? I was completely blown away by this AND I could afford it!

As I came out of the shop clutching my new book a white feather fluttered down in front of me… reading the book I found that white feathers are a sure sign that an Angel is with you, again, this blew my mind for the second time - and I was intrigued!

The experience of Angels providing me with what I needed that day is one I will never forget - and one that has repeated itself time and time again for me...

This really started my journey with these beautiful and graceful beings.

The book (I still have it, in fact I must get it out and read it again!) was as brilliant as I thought it would be and I really felt that my connection to the Angelic realms was deepening.

My understanding on how Angels want to support and help humans, that they are always there to call on, and that Archangels were slightly different and had more specific roles to play… you could call on an Archangel for specific things (more on that later)

I am going to share a couple of my own Angel experiences that happened after reading the book.

It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday, I was out with a friend in town, we heard a siren approaching the high street (which was pedestrianised) as it approached everything went a bit blurry for me and the only reason I believe that happened was because the image I saw at that moment has stayed with me forever, and always will.

Now I am unsure whether the ambulance had already got someone in it, or whether it was on the way to pick someone up – but as it sped through Newbury High Street there were two Angels flying in front of it, two Angels flying above it and two Angels flying behind it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – these gorgeous Angels were flying with the speeding ambulance and the light surrounding it all was magnificent – like pure, diamond lights beaming everywhere.

I was dumbfounded - did I really just see that? As a child I had seem many a strange thing, but six Angels?

Still to this day that image remains with me, I have often questioned – were there six angels because there were two for the person and 2 each for the driver of the ambulance and the paramedic working with the patient? It has always remained a mystery to me… and a lovely one at that.

My second writable experience (I have had lots of different experiences involving Angels, I want to share the most prevalent things)

I used to have two Rottweilers, Shadow and Tinker, they were both female and very boisterous in their play – simply gorgeous. Unfortunately, when out walking one day Shadow got chased by another dog and ran onto a busy road… she was hit head on by a 4x4. 

Devastated does not come close to how I felt watching this unfold in front of me.

She was very badly injured and we took her to our vet. He was not hopeful for her and basically said ‘take her home tonight and if she makes it through the night then I will see her tomorrow’ It was an extremely upsetting time for me, I felt guilty, and so very sad that my beautiful girl was in this position – she was only 18 months old.

That night I decided to sleep downstairs on the sofa so I could be with her for the night, she was struggling to breath properly and every time she tried to move, she would cry. As I was preparing for my night with her, I called for Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing to come and help – it was a long shot, Shadow was in a bad way…

I settled down to sleep. I was awoken in the middle of the night by some strange green lights flashing in the room we were sleeping in. As I sat up (in a bit of shock) I could see a multitude of green shapes of light all over Shadows body as she laid asleep…

Whatever was happening was crystal clear to me and the energy in the room was serene and peaceful. I had never seen anything like it before in my life, it felt like pure love.

For at least half an hour I watched as these green lights and green shapes moved up and down her body gently and slowly, she did not move a muscle and her breathing remained deep. I must have fallen asleep again because I woke up to sunshine streaming into the window – I looked down and Shadow was not in her bed!

I started crying because I thought something dreadful had happened… and as I looked up, there she was, standing in the hallway – we looked at each other with the same disbelief!

Needless to say, the vet couldn’t believe it… he operated on her the same day, she had broken ribs, a badly perforated lung and an issue with her stomach – all were fixable at this point – and she hadn’t been able to walk or breathe properly the previous day…. She made a full recovery and enjoyed a further 10 years of life with me.

Following that experience I kept wondering - was it real? Did I wake up and see all that? It wasn't long before double numbers began to appear... another Angelic sign... I would look at the clock and it would be 11:11 or 4:44, I would wake up in the very early morning and it would be 2:22 or 3:33 and there were other 'double numbers' that would appear....

It wasn't long before I realised that double numbers were part of the communication coming from Angels, another way to show me they were there...

The Angel in the trees at Avebury

More recently there was a car crash in Avebury, very sadly a young man passed away at the scene. The following morning I was out walking with a friend and we were discussing the accident and how sad it was.

I just happened to say Angels, is he okay? At that moment, through the trees (as seen in the picture), a large outline of an Angel appeared in front of us – it was incredible.

Later on in the walk, as we were walking up the Avebury Avebury a white feather floated down and landed in front of me… for me this was a sign that the young man was being looked after.

The Angels are always around you, they do not discriminate and they love each and every one of us.

If you are looking to bring Angels into your life then there are a number of things you can do...

Ask them! This is the most simple way to call upon their abundant help - they are waiting for you to ask.... yes really!

If you are looking for something more than that here are a few of my suggestions:

As I mentioned earlier, there are a number of different authors who have released books on Angels such as Diana Cooper or Kyle Gray.

Another way is to connect to them using various crystals... and of course Elements of Avebury have the perfect selection :)

Selenite, and Angel Aura have a strong connection with the Angels as have these unique Angel carvings. (if these items are sold please use the search bar and type Selenite)

Using an Archangel Mala may bring together some of the wonderful Archangels you might wish to work with...

We have some beautiful Aura Sprays that are all hand blended here in Wiltshire. Helping you find a deeper connection with Angels through your sense of smell and they can be found here....

Wearing an item of jewellery such as my specially created Angel Bracelets can also help you to start working with Angels or bringing them in. (The link takes you to my bracelet page - scroll down or type Angels into the search bar to see the full range)

Angels are everywhere... and they want to help....

I hope this blog has either confirmed something for you or intrigued you to start talking to your Angels – they are there, waiting to hear from you, ready to help you.

One Love

Donna xxx



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  • Thank you, Donna. Many years ago, my wife and I were in Brittany. We stopped at a partial stone circle and I explored its energies. My wife stayed with the van. She isn’t at all spiritual. I stood in the centre of the circle and the energies poured into me. I hadn’t expected that and I stood there feeling the energies. I closed my eyes and held my arms open. That was when my angel appeared. I saw her head and shoulders. She was golden, with a patterned golden aura. I stood there, looking at her for an age. Eventually I thought of my wife, looked up and she was standing, arms folded, looking totally bored and disapproving, as usual. I reluctantly left. My angel vision stayed for a month or so before gradually fading, but she is still there and I talk to her all the time. I always get an answer, but only when I ask. White feathers abound. Do I believe in angels? How could I not. They are love. xx

    Colette/Colin on
  • How beautiful. I really feel that your experiences are very real and special. You obviously have a gift to see them x

    Kerry on

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