Cleansing your Crystals in a Full Moon

Cleansing your Crystals in a Full Moon

Cleansing your crystals in the full moon.

At Elements of Avebury we have a large selection of gorgeous hand selected crystals for sale. Our customers are always asking us how we cleanse them so I thought I would write a blog specifically on the full moon. 

I guess first of all it’s important to understand what we mean by ‘cleanse’ Cleansing your crystals is an energetic process, it’s not the same as cleaning and polishing the dust off them. When I first started using crystals many years ago this all felt very strange to me… now it is like second nature. 

It’s hard to explain but my thoughts on it are that crystals are able to absorb and hold many different energies. They are very powerful things and the energy they can hold can be positive and negative. 

When a crystal is holding negative energies within it, they can stop working properly and therefore  need to be cleansed of that energy. 

There are many different ways you can cleanse a crystal and a popular way is to use white sage – its proven to remove negative energies from crystals and other things (even houses!). There are also some wonderful oils that can be burned within the home that can also help such as Crystal Cleansing Space Aroma by Star Child. 

Bathing your crystals in the mesmerising light and power of the full moon still remains one of the most spiritual and beautiful ways to cleanse a crystal. There are opportunities to use a full moon throughout the year – the best way to find out when there is a full moon is by using a Lunar Calendar 

If you are looking for a Lunar Calendar its worth checking where in the world you live – its different for different time zones. The link above takes you to the GMT one as Elements of Avebury is based in the UK. 

I am personally HUGLY excited by the full moon on the 19th February because it is EXTREMELY special. It is being called a Super Snow Moon due to it’s orbit being so close to the Earth. This means that if we are lucky and there are no clouds it should be very big! 

What do you need? 

Your crystals.

A nice blanket, cloth, piece of slate or wood to put your crystals on.

A garden or safe outside space where you can leave your crystals overnight. 

Gather up all the crystals you wish to cleanse and lay them out on the earth or the natural surface such as wood or slate. 

You can lay them out as a crystal grid (if you have never done this before then an excellent book to read can be found here

Ideally the crystals will be able to bathe in the light of the full moon outside for the entire night. If them being outside is not possible then a window ledge will work equally well – crystals do like to be grounded when they are being cleansed… the earth is where they came from after all! 

Once they are in the moonlight you leave them there until the morning – or you can leave them for 24 hours. Just remember that some crystals don’t like strong sunshine and can dis-colour if left in the sun for too long – it’s also worth noting that some clear crystals such as quartz spheres should never be left in the sun as they can magnify the sunlight which could cause a fire. 

When your crystals have been cleansed by the full moon, they are ready for programming… you can then set your intention within them… I will be writing a piece on programming in the next few weeks to keep an eye on my blog page! 

The final step is to offer thanks – thanks to your crystals for being in your life and thanks to the moon for cleansing them for you. Gratitude is free! 

It’s also worth knowing that the full moon energy is there whether there are clouds or not – you don’t need to see the full moon to appreciate its beautiful power and energy. 

If you are fortunate enough to have a garden to cleanse your crystals in check they are able to get wet… some crystals such as Selenite do not like water and should be kept inside… other crystals such as quartz absolutely love the rain and this will help with the cleansing process. 

I hope you have a wonderful cleansing session with your crystals during this amazing Super Snow Moon that we are being blessed with this February. 

Let us know how you got on and whether your crystals felt different after their time with the moon. 

As always, we want to hear from you – you can either email us at or look for us on social media – Elements of Avebury. 

Much love 

Donna xxxxx





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