5 things you should know about crystals

5 things you should know about crystals

5 things you should know about crystals

 What keeps me excited about crystals are the fact that they are always teaching me something new. I have had a deep connection with crystals now for over 2 decades when I first started channeling crystal jewellery for customers. 

Working and studying the metaphysical is and has always been fascinating - I started studying gemology in greater detail last year as it really compliments my understanding of gemstones and crystals. 

Living and working in the middle of the oldest and largest stone circle in the world helps because to me - they are also large crystals! 

When you look at your own collection of crystals and gemstones what do you know about them? Probably their name and perhaps a little information about what they can do for you? 

Here are five facts you may not be aware of: 

1 – Each crystal structure has been beautifully aligned with sacred geometry. 

Crystals are structured in alignment with the Platonic Solids. Its mathematical and very deep but in essence it means crystals have been created  with tetragonal, orthorhombic, hexagonal, monoclinic, triclinic, isometric, amorphous or trigonal systems within them.

 These systems are everywhere we look, within nature, our planet and most importantly within our own bodies and this is exactly why crystals are able to work at metaphysical levels on the human body.

If you are looking for a powerful healer choose a hexagonal crystal and for a crystal that may be a good conductor of energy I would go for something cubed shaped or possibly isometric.

 Jerry Sargeant uses these shapes in much of his work and many of his meditations – and for good reason!

 2 – Quartz isn’t just Quartz

 There are a number of different crystals that fall into the Quartz family and they include Amethyst and Citrine as the most popular, but then you have the crystalline Quartz group - Chalcedoney, Agate, Carnelian, Tigers Eye and Chrysoprase.

 You can programme any quartz crystal to work with you in your metaphysical work to help you in happiness, health or prosperity to name a few. Simply hold your quartz in meditation, set your intention and visualise that intention going into the crystal.

 If you ever change your mind and want to re programme the quartz – just do exactly the same thing but imagine a white light clearing the energy of the crystal – you will know when it is ready to be reprogrammed!

Quartz is the type of crystal that will spend years with the same owner, continually building and developing its relationship with you.

3 – Lemurian Crystal lines and striations are FULL of knowledge.

 Lemurian crystals are found in Brazil, Arkansas and Afghanistan and have become extremely popular with healers all over the world in recent years.

 Lemurian quartz is different to regular quartz in that they are also not always as crystal clear as normal quartz with some having a milky look in the crystal face. The biggest differentiator are the lines and striations on the sides of a Lemurian that have been naturally formed during its birthing from the Earth.

 These lines are full of ancient knowledge and wisdom that can be released from the Lemurian to it’s keeper during meditation. Gently rubbing the lines during meditation can help you learn about your own journey and personal transformation.

Lemurian crystals are well known to ‘select’ or ‘choose’ their owner – if this happens you will know because you won’t be able to put it down!

 4 – Birthstone or Astral Crystals really are specific to YOU

 Everyone has a birthstone associated with the month and star sign under which they were born. Sometimes these can differ as they can also be called Astral Stones (there are two trains of thought on birthstones and astral stones)

 Wearing your birthstone or astral stone can really help you with learning about yourself and the great thing is they are almost all readily available as crystals or jewellery.

 The different meanings of the stones that are linked to each star sign are as different as the star signs themselves.

 5 – Be careful which stones you have in your bedroom!

 Carnelian is like caffeine… it offers vigour and high levels of brain activity. Great if you are going to the gym, starting a new project or wanting to stay awake for any reason but not so great in any area that you might want to sleep in!

 Quartz has a very high vibration – in fact it vibrates higher than any other mineral and therefore should be kept out of your bedroom. Used in meditation you might find it harder to ‘go’ but personally I have always loved a meditation with Quartz – they make for a good fun and energising meditation.

Thanks for reading – please feel free to share!

 I am ALWAYS interested to hear your thoughts so please comment or email me at info@elementsofavebury.co.uk 

 Much love

 Donna xx

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