Musings of a 40 plus.......The Law of Attraction and me!

Musings of a 40 plus.......The Law of Attraction and me!

For most of my childhood and into my adult life I have been a very positive thinker, so much so that it used to drive my parents bonkers! Of course at that age I didn't realise that I was using the 'Law of Attraction' things just went well for me.

By the time I reached my 30's I was fortunate enough to attend a Law of Attraction workshop with Sally Asquith. It kind of sorted it all out in my mind - I understood now why things normally went well for me - it also meant I knew how to start harnessing the power of the laws.

Over the last few years I have been able to put it into action... but there are always those days.... you know, the days that are just not good!

More recently in the shop I was having a dreadful day.... my bank had not been making payments to one of my suppliers. I had not realised this and they ended up calling me to tell me. One of the things I was absolutely certain about when I started working for myself was that you always, always pay your debts - Karma is upon us now like never before... I don't want to have to answer to Karma! I had also recently moved into my lovely new house across the road (thank you Law of Attraction workshop 2 with Sally in September) I had needed to focus on my new home for a while which meant that Elements had not been able to be my main focus for a few weeks and you could tell! I was working in chaos and it was not going well. I kept forgetting things, didn't have any change for customers, jewellery that I was making didn't feel quite right meaning it was needed to be taken apart and re made. I had also stubbed my toe that morning, the hot water was broken and so on and so forth..... I went home that evening complaining that my day had been dreadful.....

Many of you know that I have a dog, he is 19 months old and a real character in the shop - everyone knows him, he is friendly, waggy and simply gorgeous! At around 9pm that same evening my little pooch was sick. He is quite a sicky dog anyway, he was then sick again, and again.... and again.... my husband and I were up all night and in the morning - it still didn't stop. I called the vet and he was rushed in at 8 that morning and put on a drip. He had an accelerated heart rate, low temperature and was severely dehydrated. It was touch and go, I knew it and the vet knew it despite her reassurances.

I drove home in floods of tears - it had been a year to the day I rescued Mylo and he had had such a hard time already....

I got to work (when you run your own business you cant just take a day off) and I held back the tears in between customers and several calls to the vets. They decided at 5pm that Mylo was no better and he needed to stay in overnight.

I actually slept really well that evening, probably because I had no sleep the night before... when I woke in the morning something had stirred in me. I had had a realisation and it felt hugely important. The previous day I thought had been a bad day, I moaned about it being a bad day, it felt like a bad day, I treated it like a bad day, but the truth was it wasn't - because it had Mylo in it. I winged and moaned to my husband about the bank, about my toe, about everything that had happened - I was not positive at all! In fact, the opposite - I had been really negative! Mylo hadn't been a thought in my head really because he was there, and alive. Suddenly that was taken away, and that morning it dawned on me... I had wasted a whole day being grumpy, negative and everything that gives the reverse of the Law of Attraction for me.

I decided that morning that you need to live every day as it comes.... there may be bad days, but they will pass. There will be awesome and amazing days... they too will pass. What I realised was that the experience of these days, whether bad or good, was what was important. 

Mylo recovered and came home the following day - I like to think that was just the way it was.... but I live and work inside the Avebury Stone Circle and here I have found that lessons are taught and learned, magic is real AND happens and the law of attraction exists and is fully working!! I'm always grateful for the lessons I am offered - however small they may seem, because sometimes the small stuff - well, its actually the big stuff!

If you have never met Mylo then you must come and visit us both, bring a smile.

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