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Water Incense

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Water is the element of emotion and instinct, of empathy and feeling. Water is the source of life and its movements can be felt within the currents of the soul. It is the realm of instinct, intuition and the power of imagination, of dreams, reflections, memories and the inner life of the soul. Water corresponds to the setting sun in the west in the late afternoon. Its season is Autumn and its astrological signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. In Christian mythology the Archangel Gabriel represents the element of water. Burn this incense to invoke the spiritual qualities of the element of water and attune to the inner source of wisdom. Or burn it to meditate and focus on your guiding instinct, psychic intuition and the power of imagination.

Magical Collections
Water ~ Feeling, sensitivity, psychic powers, receptivity, imagination, emotion, nurture, wisdom, love.