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Elements of Avebury Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Christ Light
Elements of Avebury Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Christ Light
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Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Christ Light

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Strip everything back to who you really are.  You are love incarnate.  You came from love, you were made in love, your heart was started by love, and when it stops beating it will return to another state of love.

Love was at the core of the first spark from which Creation sprang forth.  And you are of the stars, of the galaxies and of the cosmos itself.  You are made up of crystalline light that has the potential to shine brighter than ever before on this earth.  When I came to this Earth 2,000 years ago in physical form, I was misunderstood.  I became defined by my suffering, yet all I wanted was to teach about love and how that transcends any experience, any injustice and always offers an answer to those that are out of alignment with their true nature.  It has taken until this time for humanity to really hear this message - that everything is love.

If you respond in love, you can only create love.
If you look with eyes of love, you see only love.
If you listen with ears of love that bypass pain and suffering and hear what is really required, it is the need for love.

Love is all around you and yet you fail to see it.  It is in the birdsong, in the face of a newborn child or an elder, wise with years of experience both from this incarnation and that before.  Love is in the person who stops to help, the passer by that smiles, the friend and lover, and the one who challenges and teaches you minute by minute, hour by hour.

So many feel unloved and unlovable.  Yet you are all loved beyond measure and in equal amount.  From the one who has fallen into hate to the one who shines brightest, you are still loved by the Creator's energy just the same.

Love heals anything.
Love is available to everyone.
It is not scarce.  It is here.  Now more accessible than ever before.
All you have to do is be open to receive it.

You need no one's help, no structure and no doctrine.  All you need is to hold love at your core and all resistance, suffering and anguish melts away.  My Christ Light is within you.  You don’t have to search or strive for it.  It is simply here right now, whenever you need it.

Cosmic love brings grace and beauty where there is difficulty and nourishes the heart and soul so you can remember your origins and heritage, as well as your future.  That is love.

50ml Energy Spray.

Suggested uses:  Master Jesus, Christ Light spray is for nurturing self, forgiveness, opening to unconditional love, dissolving judgement & blame, ending suffering and bringing one back into alignment with the soul self.

Essential Oils:  Yarrow, rosewood, cardamom, frankincense, jasmine, myrtle and lavender.

Crystals used:  Red horn coral fossil, aragonite sputnik, mango calcite, rose quartz and pink topaz.