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Elements of Avebury Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Magenta
Elements of Avebury Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Magenta
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Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Magenta

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Our new Magenta Bridge spray, Time and Self Mastery.  New channelled message below.  In a beautiful new two tone bottle, magenta and pink. We have also changed the essential oils blend giving this spray a new energy.  We have kept frankincense, petitgrain and ylang ylang and added cardamom, cinnamon and basil.

The Magenta Bridge is open and waiting for you.  Maybe you need to take a step in to the new and explore something never yet seen, witnessed or felt?  It may be to do with love, career, family or any aspect of life where you are ready to change, evolve and grow.  It can also be helpful when you need to reach out.  Maybe you are attempting to reconcile, forgive or make a new start?  If you are trying to let go or move beyond a stuck energy or block, whether emotional, mental, spiritual or physical, the Magenta Bridge will guide you through it.

In many ways this is THE spray that is the helper for all 55 qualities, challenges and issues raised in the Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle deck. For example, Boundaries, Conquering Fear, Priorities, Letting Go, Nurturing, Appreciation, Flow, Self-Examination, and Healing, as well as tackling the 7 rainbow colours and their lessons and gifts. Because if we are to master anything, we need to give ourselves time to do so; not via a clock on the wall that sounds an alarm regards how long we have got, but via being in sync with the rhythm, cycles, and chapters of life. Knowing instinctively when to act and when to cease, just as we know when to sleep or when to eat.

This spray helps you be in sync with your day, life chapter, age, and season. It helps you slow down when you need to rest or pause, recover, or convalesce, it also helps you get motivated when you need to focus and attend to a task at hand. A useful trick is to spray it around you before the start of a busy day – it helps you complete what needs to be done, but also to be present whilst doing so.

In a wider sense, Magenta also teaches us to make the time that we have well spent, to live a life where we enjoy it to the full, and to learn from each moment, be it sad or happy, as the soul appreciates each part of the human experience whilst here – it is why it came.

As a colour Magenta is linked to the physical body, it requires us to tune in to how we are, to listen to our accelerated breath or butterflies in the stomach and to soothe, if necessary, the worried brow. Letting your body know it has the time, that you will tend to its needs and listen to its murmurings is again a key use of this spray. You have time to stop, to heal, to face what is arising, to be present with yourself and with life – you are worth it, and the pink qualities of Magenta bestow that remembrance within you.

Whilst meditating, and using this spray ask yourself:

How do I spend my time? Do I rush through life or am I truly present? Do I waste my time on that which is irrelevant – and will the piece of gossip or news, person or thing that occupies my fixated attention still matter in a few days, months, or years…?

Is it REALLY that important?

In many ways Magenta gets you back on track, it shows you what is significant today, giving the strength to do it to the best of your ability. It clears mind clutter, scattered thinking and that which is meaningless. As the colour that many healers are attracted to it also reminds them to receive as well as give – to get the balance right, made up of both Red (the material world) and Violet (The spiritual world) it asks us to not forget either. Magenta as such, is the bridge between heaven and earth and when we sit upon its bough, we are holding consciously our soul and body essence and celebrating the totality of who we really are, what matters and why we came.

Magenta will take you by the hand and say ‘You’ve got this’.

50ml Energy Spray.

Essential Oils:  Cardomon, frankincense, basil, cinnamon, petitgrain, ylang ylang

Crystal Essence:  Cerussite, ruby, bay of stoer suevite, turquoise and rhodocrosite.
Suggested uses:- Times of change, like a new job, new relationship or stage within a relationship (e.g new baby, empty nest, retirement.) A new area of study/learning, meditation, healing, creative projects, story writing, soothing the soul of all evolved beings (as Magenta is a 5th dimensional energy.) Helps with procrastination, any blockage or stuck phase.
 Bay of Stoer Suevite is a really special crystal - here is why this essence is in the spray!
"1.2 billion years ago a Meteorite that originated in outer space survived it's journey through the atmosphere to reach our planets surface. The meteorite hit Scotland in the vicinity of Stoer Bay, which is where the deposits are found.
This stone is one for the adventurous intrepid explorer who is willing to open themselves to unknown territory,just as the adventurous explorers of the past have found previously uncharted lands, so the meteorite deposit invites the exploration of the skies for those willing to adventure on. 
The meteorite deposit brings awareness of the Stargates that can open the doors to other Cosmic realms hidden within the earths magnetic field. The success when embarking on an adventure like this depends on the ability to look outside the bubble of 3D existence and reach for a world whilst believing in your own power to live and adventure fully in another reality. We are so often reminded of the phrase 'As above so below' - so adventure on in faith and trust and with open mind and heart. Bon Voyage."