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Elements of Avebury Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Violet Dragon
Elements of Avebury Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Violet Dragon
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Archangel Metatron Aura Spray - Violet Dragon

Regular price £25.00

The Violet Dragon is here to clear a path, to help you avoid any obstacle and give you the best chance in any moment to succeed and meet your objective, goal, or destination. It helps you know when it is safe to proceed and when caution is required. If any danger is spotted, it can be neutralised with both the violet ray, and the dragon’s fiery breath and tail, that will sweep the ‘debris’ away. Working with the spray you enter a collaboration with the Dragon; – as it's energy will help train you to be alert to issues before they arise, and to master the energy field of life. Like a martial arts expert can sense, respond and act according to their opponent and circumstance, being
always respectful to what is learnt along the way, this Dragon will teach you much about the gaps in your own ‘amour’.

It helps on all levels of being:

Physical - when taking a journey to safeguard you at all times, also shielding you from danger, abuse, bullying and steering you away from anything that may cause harm or problem. The spray can also be used to help ‘smooth out your day’, to avoid the ‘energy kinks’ that may create issues, delays, blocks and unexpected problems.

Mental and Emotional - to help conquer self-sabotaging thoughts, lower or toxic mind loops, for example, when battling addictions or dysfunctional behaviour, victim mentality and banishing worst case mind scenarios, changing ’something always goes wrong’, to ‘This is going to go well’!

Spiritual - to ward off parasitic energy (i.e. anything that takes, without giving back and ‘sucks you dry’), as well as lower astral energies, psychic attacks (that start with YOU believing they are stronger than your defence and light! Also, can be used for self-cleansing as part of a normal daily routine, to help keep you energetically clear. Maybe a very useful addition when detoxing to add another level of cleansing too, just spray as you adopt healthier choices.

The Violet Dragon means business – it works quickly, snaps you out of lethargy and despondency, shakes loose lower energies you may be holding or attracting and can be always called on when you need a boost and its support.

Essential oils: lavender, yarrow, hyacinth, angelica, jasmine, ginger.

Crystals: amethyst, dragon's blood, rosophia, charoite, carnelian heart, fire agate