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Elements of Avebury Book ‘Tough Bliss’ by Genevieve Boast
Elements of Avebury Book ‘Tough Bliss’ by Genevieve Boast
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‘Tough Bliss’ by Genevieve Boast

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'This is not a 'how to' book. This is not a book that will give you a formula to fix everything that is wrong about your life. The world isn't that simple in my experience.

This is an invitation to jump outside the game of life as you know it and see your unique story for perhaps the first time: to restore yourself to the original spark of genius beyond your human masks. It is a chance to rewrite your life.

I am like you: a human being, doing my best to make a difference in a confusing and chaotic world. I know life can be beautiful beyond our wildest imagination. I have experienced it. I also know it can be sc ary and tougher than a bed of nails. That's life. It's both the light and dark. Both the human drama and the divine myth.

Are you ready to set foot on the path of your unique life adventure?

Are you ready to restory your life and understand the lessons and blessings that have led you to this moment?

I was.

Are you?'