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Elements of Avebury Book The Soulistic Journey Book
Elements of Avebury Book The Soulistic Journey Book
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The Soulistic Journey Book

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The Soulistic Journey

A pilgrimage to the source of your being 

There can come a time in life when you face a crossroads, when it feels as if your existing patterns of behaviour or your lifestyle choices no longer serve you, but you don’t know which way to turn next. You may be experiencing serious illness, divorce, death of a loved one, exhaus­tion, redundancy, depression or anxiety, or even a loss of faith in life itself. It is at these times, as you begin to question ‘what it’s all about’ – times of crisis and yet of opportunity too – when The Soulistic Journey takes you by the hand and offers a new way of being; a path less travelled to the source of your being. When you take the plunge and dive deeply into your Soulistic Journey, you can reweave all the threads of your life into an exciting new blueprint.


Are you feeling the call of the pilgrimage of purpose?

Do you have the courage to step into who you were born to be?

Are you ready to say ‘yes’ to rewriting your story?

Good – then let’s begin walking a new path together


This book accompanies travellers like you on a year and a day-long ‘walk’; a path of self-discovery and transformation, using methods unique to this journey, such as the ‘Storyhacks’, the Soulistic Solar and Lunar Archetypes, the monthly Practices and the Soulistic Wheel Quarterly Meditations. It is an inner journey of adventure and all that you experience will unfold from within you. It is a journey that will challenge you to mine your authentic depths of wisdom and courage so that you remember your Soul Purpose.