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PROPERTIES: Raising kundalini, protecting, supporting convalescence, heightening emotional awareness, reveals the mind/body link, calming.

Stichtite is a powerfully protective stone that supports convalescence, promoting resilience and recovery. It heightens emotional awareness, helping you to stay acutely tuned into what you are feeling, showing you how your thoughts and feelings affect your wellbeing, including eating disorders, food cravings or allergies, and supporting you while you reframe these. This stone raises kundalini energy up the spine to the heart, encouraging more authentic personal and soul expression. Stichtite’s calming effect is helpful for hyperactivity and the environment, provides companionship and supports taking a different path.

COLOURS: Lilac, purple

SOURCE: USA, Tasmania, Canada, South Africa

METHOD OF CLEANING: Running under water, Return to the Earth, Rice, Smudging, Visualising light, Essences, Sound, Crystal Recharging

METHOD OF RECHARGING: Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth, Essences, Sound, Crystal Cluster


HEALING: Stichtite calms the digestive and nervous systems, stabilizes blood pressure and brain chemistry, is beneficial for ADHD, skin elasticity and stretch marks, headaches, hernia, teeth and gums, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Content very kindly written by Judy Hall, Judy Hall is a successful Mind Body Spirit author with over 40 books to her credit including the million selling Crystal Bible (volumes 1, 2 and 3)