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Elements of Avebury Spiritual Mala - Created by Shanane
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Spiritual Mala - Created by Shanane

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My name is Shanane and I work at Elements of Avebury where I have been for 3 years now...

I have been threading Mala beads for 4 years and with a passion for people I have found so much enjoyment from this chapter of my life.

Using a photograph of you, I am able to tune into you in a deep way, this enables me to select the right stones to support your ongoing journey... it is a magical process of trust.

I joined Donna 3 years ago and between us we have regular, wonderful clients all over the world that trust our divine intuition and stunning creative flare to design their pieces. We understand that by using a blend of crystals and a connection to spirit there is a way to help people, to maybe heal them from pain, and to create something for each individual that is unique to them, unique to their story…. we hope to do that for you.

Below you will be able to read all about Mala and also a little on how we both work 😊 

What is a Regular Mala? 

A Mala is a spiritual beaded necklace / prayer beads with a composition of 108 hand knotted beads, a tassel and a Guru Bead. 

The Guru bead – the larger bead at the bottom, it is the first bead to enter the sacred circle of beads that make the Mala and the final bead to be knotted. Connects to your heart chakra on a deep level. 

108 beads – a sacred number, there are 108 energy lines that come out of your heart, 108 is the number of wholeness and existence, deep connection to the Sun, the Moon and the Earth…. The average distance of each of these is 108 x their respective diameters. The Tassel is the connection to spirit and your highest truth.

Your Sacred Mala

Your Mala will be created specifically for YOU inside the centre of the Stone Circle of Avebury, a land that contains a number of portals, ancient and multi-dimensional. By working in Avebury and tuning into your soul through a recent photograph we create a high frequency connection to your guides on all levels, in this safe space your guides transmit the crystals required for your current journey. Each crystal bead is hand woven into your Mala using the traditional Buddhist methods. They are hand tied in place with the intentions from your guides and then finished with a hand-made tassel for the end. The Mala we create support people in their human forms as well as their light bodies.  

Within your Mala is the dedication to Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit (or one of them depending on what Spirit feel is required) and a number that is specific to you and your journey. The numerology is shared with you on the hand written card, as are all the beads that have been used. 

This Mala is being especially created for your energy field, it is recommended that you are the only person to touch it as any lower vibrations may* impact its ability to work for your highest good. Any and all messaging I receive during the transmission through your 'team' is recorded on a handwritten card and it is specific to you, the messages you receive are from Spirit, and are written in a way only you may understand – either consciously or not! 

Your Mala arrives in a hand-made pouch, when you are not wearing it, it should be held inside the pouch where it will re charge, the pouch is also useful for taking your Mala with you on travels., it is recommended that in order to truly connect with your Mala that you wear it daily for 40 days as this will integrate your Mala with your energy fields fully. 

We hope this all makes sense and that you are as excited as I am for this co-creation, if you have any questions please let me know. 

What do we need from you: 

  • A recent photograph emailed to me and also where I will be posting the Mala to once it is completed. 
  • The budget you would require to work with me starts at £111

You can find details for a Mala from Donna by typing her name into the search bar on our website.

When considering your budget please also consider the postage costs you will require.

Pixie Wishes

Shanane x