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PROPERTIES: Facilitating change, releasing and balancing emotions, accessing karmic wisdom, igniting potential and creativity

Rhyolite is a calming and creative crystal, gently releasing emotions, bringing balance and igniting the potential and creativity of the soul.  It is a useful stone for self-exploration and past life healing, can access karmic wisdom, processing the past and integrating it with the present where it anchors you, rather than harking back to the past. It facilitates knowing from a soul level and assists change without force. This stone strengthens soul, body and mind, enhances self-esteem and self-worth, brings awareness of one’s own strength and a sense of self-respect, aiding self- acceptance. This stone facilitates a deep state of meditation for inner and outer journeys and imparts the strength to deal calmly with challenging life circumstances.

COLOURS: White, green, light grey, red

SOURCE: Australia, Mexico, USA

METHOD OF CLEANING: Running under water, Return to the Earth, Rice, Salt, Smudging, Visualising light, Essences, Sound, Crystal Recharging

METHOD OF RECHARGING: Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth, Essences, Sound, Crystal Cluster

CHAKRAS: Third Eye

HEALING: Rhyolite treats veins, rashes, skin disorders and infections, improves assimilation of B vitamins and fortifies the body’s natural resistance. It can dissolve stones and hardened tissue.  As a crystal essence, Rhyolite gives strength and improves muscle tone.

Content very kindly written by Judy Hall, Judy Hall is a successful Mind Body Spirit author with over 40 books to her credit including the million selling Crystal Bible (volumes 1, 2 and 3).