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Lynette Thomas

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I’ve always been into collecting things from an early age, as a bit of a self-confessed magpie, I’m always at car boot sales or rummaging through charity shops in search of items I can incorporate into a new art piece. These can sometimes be relics from the past that evoke a sense of nostalgia or sometimes anything that just catches my eye.
I use anything from shells, stones and natural found materials in my artwork as well as recycling throw away items, ornaments, china, bits of jewellery or whatever I find whilst out and about. I am self-taught and work in my studio at The Post Modern in Swindon, where I like to spend most of my spare time.

My interest in mosaics started when I left art college in 1992 after studying a HND in illustration. I’ve been a member of Artsite for over 10 years having first met them when I was involved with a community arts project. We were given the old post office by Swindon Council and Artsite members worked voluntarily to renovate the derelict building. Now known as ‘The Post Modern’, it provides a studio and exhibition space for local artists, and an opportunity to run workshops and participate in projects with local community groups.