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PROPERTIES: Awakening the heart, connecting to universal love, assists meditation, protecting, dispelling negativity, recovering memories, alleviating depression

Kunzite is a gentle, tranquil stone that has a high vibration. It awakens the heart centre and unconditional love, producing loving thoughts and communication, radiates peace, connects you to universal love and induces deeply centred meditation. Kunzite dispels negativity and strengthens the auric field and blocks geopathic stress, especially when worn as a pendant or taped to electromagnetic devices. It helps you to be self-contained even within a crowd, encourages humility and the willingness to serve and promotes creativity.

Kunzite allows free expression of feelings, clears emotional debris and heals heartache, especially from other lives.  It clears resistance and obstacles to your path and aids in effecting tolerance and compromises between personal needs and those of others.  Kunzite helps lift depression arising from emotional causes, alleviates stress and facilitates introspection and the ability to act on constructive criticism.  It has the power to combine intellect, intuition and inspiration. This stone can aid in recovering memories that have been blocked, is a useful healer for people who had to grow up too fast, bringing back lost trust and innocence and is helpful for stress-related anxiety. Sunlight causes Kunzite to fade.

Caution: This stone/crystal contains toxic material and is best used tumbled. Wash hands after use and make essence by the indirect method only.

COLOURS: Pink, green, yellow, lilac, clear

SOURCE: USA, Madagascar, Brazil, Burma, Afghanistan

METHOD OF CLEANING: Return to the Earth, Rice, Salt, Smudging, Visualising light, Essences, Sound, Crystal Recharging

METHOD OF RECHARGING: Moonlight, Earth, Essences, Sound, Crystal Cluster

CHAKRAS: Heart, Third Eye, Crown

HEALING: This stone strengthens the circulatory system and the heart muscle, neutralizes the effects of anaesthetic and stimulates the immune system.  Kunzite contains lithium and it is beneficial for psychiatric disorders and depression, especially when taken as an elixir.  It can act as a witness for radionic practitioners.

The gentle energy of Kunzite calms epilepsy and soothes joint pain and is helpful for conditions affecting the nerves of the body, such as neuralgia

Content very kindly written by Judy Hall, Judy Hall is a successful Mind Body Spirit author with over 40 books to her credit including the million selling Crystal Bible (volumes 1, 2 and 3).