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Star Child Essential Oil Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil
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Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

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Jasminum officinale

She is an enchantress, this 'Queen of the Night', who works her magic through the nose and seduces her prey with the promise of lascivious joys. Cleopatra shamelessly borrowed this seductive power of flowers and doused her sails with Jasmine and Neroli oils as she went off to conquer the loins of Marc Antony - no wonder the guy didn't stand a chance. Despite its price tag Jasmine is among the best known and most popular essential oils. The cost however, is relative, considering the labour intensive process of production and the enormous amount of flowers required to obtain a single litre of oil: 1000kg, which equals about 8 million individually hand-picked flowers, are required to produce just 1kg of oil. Even so, it remains the most sought after oil of perfumers around the world. In India, the flowers of J. sambac are regarded as sacred, symbolising innocence and purity of mind. Jasmine flower garlands adorn the temples and holy effigies or are offered to the Gods. At religious festivals the Gods themselves are thought to be present within the flowers. Jasmine flowers are never amiss at wedding ceremonies, and women like to weave a string of flowers into their hair, thus engulfing themselves with this beautiful, most sensuous of natural perfumes.

The most significant contribution of Jasmine to aromatherapy is its effect on mind and emotions. It eases labour pains and has some valuable properties that can regenerate tired tissue, help restore wrinkled skin and reduce scars and stretch-marks. It is a superb oil for treating sexual problems that are due to emotional coldness or anxiety and lack of trust. It is also excellent for all stress related issues: depression, nervous and mental exhaustion, burnout and anxiety. Jasmine has the power to dispel the dark clouds of negativity and to let the sunshine in. Avoid during first 4 months of pregnancy.

Jasmine is an excellent oil to use in tantric rituals and sacred unions. Its aphrodisiac properties act more on the mind, awakening it to sensory perception, than directly on the sexual organs. It rouses sensuality and opens the mind to the perception of divine beauty in all things. Jasmine gives wings to prayers makes a wonderful offering to the Gods. It helps the practitioner to connect with his purest intentions and highest aspirations.

Sweet and soft, seductive floral scent. Blends well with Neroli, Rose, Orange, Labdanum and Cardamom.

1ml* Dilution. 1ml: 9ml Light Coconut Oil.