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Star Child Space Aroma Flying Space Aroma
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Flying Space Aroma

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Witches across Medieval Europe once took to their broomsticks and journeyed to other dimensions with the aid of the famous flying ointment! Much has been said and written about its incredible powers, but unfortunately there is no way to find out what it is really all about, except by trying. Star Child Flying Oil is based on traditional recipes without making any claim of authenticity. Many of those traditional ingredients are not only hard to find, but also tend to be rather dangerous or offensive. Nevertheless, this oil is very potent within legal limits and should be used with due respect.

Magical Infusions
Pluto ~ Initiation, shamanic journeys, purification, transformation, spiritual rebirth, letting go of past pain.

Neptune ~ Subtle energies, visualisation, divination, dream work, unconditional/spiritual love, compassion, crystal work.