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Elements of Avebury Aquamarine Necklace
Elements of Avebury Aquamarine Necklace
Elements of Avebury Aquamarine Necklace
Elements of Avebury Aquamarine Necklace
Elements of Avebury Aquamarine Necklace
Elements of Avebury Aquamarine Necklace
Elements of Avebury Aquamarine Necklace
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Aquamarine Necklace

Regular price £595.00

Length: 20cm

I pride myself on selecting only the best stones for my jewellery. When I saw these pieces of Aquamarine I knew I had to have them!

Supporting small batch mines, sole traders and artisanal suppliers these beautiful pieces have been hand cut, hand drilled and hand polished... This retains all of their energy.. Happy Crystals; Happy Me!

Diving into Aquamarine!

Feeling overwhelmed by life's storms? Yearning for clarity, courage, and a deeper connection to your intuition? Then let the calming beauty of Aquamarine be your anchor.

This crystal, like the soothing depths of the ocean, holds the keys to quiet your mind, reduce stress, and guide you towards inner peace.

Imagine a sanctuary within: Melt away anxiety and extraneous thoughts with Aquamarine's calming energy. This gentle stone assists you to filter ‘information overload’, sharpening your intuition and leaving you feeling centred and grounded.

Unwinding life's complexities with ease. Aquamarine enhances perception, helping you understand underlying emotional states and break free from self-defeating patterns. Embrace clarity and truth with tolerance and open communication.

Step into your power with newfound confidence. Aquamarine helps to dissolve fear, instilling the courage to take responsibility for yourself and pursue your dreams.

Open your inner channels to higher realms. This stone can aid meditation, guiding you towards deeper spiritual awareness.

Feel the balancing energy of Aquamarine harmonise your surroundings, protect your aura, and align your chakras. It clears the throat chakra, facilitating clear communication from a higher plane, and bridges the gap between your physical and spiritual bodies.

Ancient wisdom, modern magic: Rooted in centuries-old lore, Aquamarine was carried by sailors for protection and believed to ward off darkness. Today, it remains a powerful talisman, attracting light and positive energy.

Is Aquamarine calling to you? If you seek calm amidst the chaos, clarity to navigate life's challenges, and the courage to embrace your true potential, then this is the crystal you've been waiting for. Let it be your guide on your journey of self-discovery, empowering you to find inner peace, unleash your intuition, and connect with the depths of your being.

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a professional. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek professional advice.

We pride ourselves on being truly local – it’s better for the environment and supports the local community.