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Air Incense

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Air is the element of cool abstraction, the lofty concepts of the mind, the rational, orderly, clear cut world of ideas, ideals and theories. It expresses the principles of logic and reason. It is the faculty of thinking and the mind is its tool. The mind flies high on the energy of air. Air corresponds to the rising sun in the east. Its season is Spring and its astrological signs are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. In Christian symbolism the Archangel Uriel embodies the element of air.

Burn this incense to invoke the spiritual qualities of the element of air and let it take you on a flight into the world of ideas. Or use it to meditate and focus on gaining clarity, perspective or detachment.

Magical Collection
Air ~ Ideas, concepts, thought, knowledge, mental powers, logos, reason, visualisation, understanding.