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Triquetra Earrings
Triquetra Earrings
Triquetra Earrings
Triquetra Earrings
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Triquetra Earrings

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The symbol resembles a three-cornered knot, as all internal arcs look as though there is no beginning or end. The name itself translates to ''three-cornered,'' but the meaning runs far deeper, dating back to pre-Celtic origins. The concept of three, also known as the power of three which is embedded in the name, is the most important aspect of the ancient symbol.

The concept of three was a linchpin of divine belief, signifying the Triple Moon Goddess which consists of the maiden, the mother and the crone, and connects to feminine fertility.

The Maiden: represents a young girl symbolizing youth, pleasure, innocence, and new beginnings

The Mother: represents love, fertility, and maturity symbolizing the middle of a woman's life as she cares for others

The Crone: represents the facets of the other stages but focuses on the wisdom learned from a long life

Together representing the life cycle. Alternatively, this symbol has been used to signify other things, including: 

  • birth, life, death
  • birth, death, rebirth
  • earth, air, water
  • earth, sea, sky
  • past, present, future
  • father, mother, child