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Scolecite And Green Apophyllite Crystal Pendulum
Scolecite And Green Apophyllite Crystal Pendulum
Scolecite And Green Apophyllite Crystal Pendulum
Scolecite And Green Apophyllite Crystal Pendulum
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Scolecite And Green Apophyllite Crystal Pendulum

Regular price $97.00

Can also be worn as a Pendant!


Including Chain - 23.5cm 

Pendulum - 6.5, 2cm (L,W)

Scolecite is a high vibration stone with a serene, gentle energy, similar to Natrolite, but slightly earthier, making it suitable for people with a particularly sensitive energy field or new to high vibration crystals. It dissolves anxiety and fear, infuses peace and a quiet confidence into the core of your being, encouraging unselfish love and inner contentment. It is an excellent journeying crystal, connecting you to the highest universal energies and multi-dimensional realms. Place Scolecite on the chakras along the back and Natrolite on the front to accommodate a download of high vibrational energies or to realign the physical body with the lightbody. Wearing Scolecite heals and maintains a healthy auric field. This stone removes detrimental patterns or beliefs, restructuring thought patterns and shaping functional reality into a positive outcome. It opens all the heart chakras especially the heart seed, assists with lucid dreaming and dream recall and harmonises the energies between lovers and loved ones. Gridding Scolecite creates a sacred, safe area of total peace. Physically Scolecite resonates with the nerves and neural pathways bringing the body back into equilibrium and encouraging control of autonomous processes.

Apophyllite is a powerful vibrational transmitter that enhances the energies in a room and creates a conscious connection between the physical and the spiritual realms. It is regarded as the Reiki stone and has a high water content which makes it a very efficient conductor of energy and a carrier of the Akashic Record, easing journeys into past lives.  This spiritual stone is excellent stone for scrying, enhances clear sight, stimulating the intuition and enabling the future to be accessed. Apophyllite is a stone of truth, abandoning pretence and breaking down reserve.  It promotes introspection and the correction of imbalances or flaws that are perceived.  It brings recognition of one’s true self and allows that to be shown to the world.  Apophyllite releases suppressed emotions, overcomes anxiety, worries and fears and calms apprehension, allowing uncertainty to be tolerated. It calms and grounds the spirit, having strong links to the spiritual realm, whilst at the same time allowing you to feel comfortable within your body.  It facilitates journeys out of the body and spiritual vision, during which it keeps a strong connection with the physical body, allowing information to be transmitted from the spiritual realm into the physical.

Apophyllite is an effective stress reducer, with a calming effect on the mind, releasing mental blocks and negative thought patterns.  It reduces desire and imbues universal love into analysis and the decision-making process so that the mind becomes attuned to the spirit.

All our crystal meanings have been taken from Judy Hall who kindly granted Elements of Avebury permission to use them. For further information Judy Hall has released several books including The Crystal Bible series.

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a professional. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek professional advice.

We pride ourselves on being truly local – it’s better for the environment and supports the local community.