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Trinity Stone Palm Stone
Trinity Stone Palm Stone
Trinity Stone Palm Stone
Trinity Stone Palm Stone
Trinity Stone Palm Stone
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Trinity Stone Palm Stone

Regular price £7.00

Length: 4.5cm

Width: 3cm

A beautiful combination stone including Fuchsite Mica, Blue Kyanite and Almandine Garnet. Extremely high vibrational and promotes clarity of the mind. It can be used as an aid in transformation. 

Garnet stimulates the controlled rise of kundalini energy and aids potency.   It revitalizes feelings and is a powerfully energising stone whilst conversely, it can bring you serenity.  This stone controls anger, especially towards one’s self and helps in challenging situations, especially if you feel helpless.  It strengthens your survival instinct, instils fortitude and turns a crisis into an opportunity. Garnet dissolves ingrained behaviour patterns that are no longer serving you, assists you to release outdated ideas and plan for the future.

Garnet cleanses and re-energises the chakras.  It is said to be able to warn of approaching danger and was carried as a protective talisman. Garnet activates other crystals, amplifying their effect and has a strong link with the pituitary gland. It sharpens up your perceptions of yourself and other people and can stimulate expanded awareness and past life recall.


Fuchsite deals with issues of servitude from past or present lives and shows how to be of service without becoming embroiled in power struggles or false humility. Many people who serve do so out of a feeling of ‘not being good enough’ and Fuchsite teaches one’s own true worth.  It is excellent for those who instantly fall into saviour or rescuer mode, whether for one person or the whole, and it reverses a tendency towards martyrdom. Fuchsite shows how to do only what is appropriate and necessary for someone else’s soul growth allowing them to learn their own lessons.  It combines unconditional love with tough love, no longer facilitating self-serving ‘helping’. Fuchsite releases both souls to their own unique pathway. This stone accesses knowledge with great practical value.  It can channel information regarding herbal treatment and holistic remedies, suggesting the most holistic action to take and receiving guidance on health matters and well-being. Fuchsite aids understanding one’s interaction with other people and relates to basic concerns about life.

It is particularly helpful for ‘the identified patient’ within a family or group situation on whom dis-ease and tension is projected.  The identified patient becomes ill or addicted on behalf of the family.  When they want to become well, the family often put pressure to remain ‘ill’ or dependent. Fuchsite gives the identified patient the strength to find wellness and to withdraw from the family conflict.  Fuchsite overcomes co-dependency and emotional blackmail, imparts resilience and the ability to bounce back after trauma or emotional tension.


Kyanite is excellent for atunement and meditation. It is tranquillising and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and the intuition. This stone helps spiritual energy to manifest in thought, connects to guides, and instils compassion. It aids dream recall and promotes healing dreams.  It has a strong resonance with the throat and thyroid, especially the blue colour, and opens the throat chakra, aiding self-expression and communication and encourages speaking one’s truth.

Kyanite instantly aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, clearing the pathways and meridians and restoring Qi to the physical body and its organs.  In healing, it stabilizes the biomagnetic field after clearing and transformation. Kyanite does not hold negativity and cuts through ignorance, opening to spiritual and psychological truth.  Increasing the capacity for logical and linear thought, Kyanite stimulates the higher mind, links into the causal level and slices through confusion, dispels blockages, illusion, fear anger and frustration. It shows the part we play in manifesting, helping to detach from the idea of blind fate or implacable karma, and what we need to find the balance.  Kyanite facilitates the ascension process by drawing the light body down into the physical realm and connecting the higher mind to the topmost frequencies; earthing spiritual vibrations, it brings spiritual integrity and maturation.

All our crystal meanings have been taken from Judy Hall who kindly granted Elements of Avebury permission to use them. For further information Judy Hall has released several books including The Crystal Bible series.

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a professional. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek professional advice.

We pride ourselves on being truly local – it’s better for the environment and supports the local community.