The Rainbow Quest - A Photographic Journey, throughout April, May & June

The Rainbow Quest - A Photographic Journey, throughout April, May & June

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The Rainbow Quest - a photographic journey from Cornwall to Norfolk (following the Michael and Mary lines in "The Sun and The Serpent" by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst).  In addition, the photographs were an observation of the light at these high energy places during the last phases of the Mayan Long Count, known as the Universal Underworld and an exploration of the synchronicity of a lunar calendar.  This seems to facilitate the exchanges between people and of information for their 'higher purpose'.  It allows them to be in the 'right place at the right time'.  Unlike our Gregorian calendar, rigidly structured around 12s and 6s, which arguably takes us away from our natural rhythms and path of synchronistic exchanges. 

First Section – Life, First Universal Underworld:
26 March, Monday
31 March, Saturday
4 April, Wednesday
8 April, Sunday
13 April, Friday
15 April, Sunday
17 April, Tuesday
20 April, Friday
24 April, Tuesday

Second Section - Senses, Second Universal Underworld:
5 May, Saturday
10 May, Thursday
14 May, Monday
18 May, Friday
23 May, Wednesday
25 May, Friday
27 May, Sunday
30 May, Wednesday
3 June, Sunday

The pictures will keep rotating, but don't worry - you are bound to see the pictures you are supposed to see, especially if you follow your intuitive inclination rather than your Gregorian calendar!! 

The third section Mind and the fourth Time will follow shortly ... watch this space! 

Venue: Elements of Avebury, within the Avebury Henge (opposite the Red Lion pub). 

Opening hours: 10.00-17.00, except Mondays and Wednesdays when Elements of Avebury is open from 12.00-17.00

Natalie Ashby, The Rainbow Quest - A Photographic Journey @ 2018