Sodalite Tower
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Sodalite Tower

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Dimensions- 7.5, 3, 2cm (H, W, D)

This Tower is such a beautiful example of Sodalite with really deep blues and white veining. Very Lovely!

PROPERTIES: Freeing mental rigidity, combining rational thought and intuition, releasing blockages, helpful for dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Sodalite is an excellent stone for the mind, freeing mental rigidity, eliminating confusion, clarifying perceptions, creating space to put new insights in practice and encouraging assimilation of new information. It calms panic attacks and releases deep fears and blockages that are holding you back, bringing emotional balance, enhanced self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. Sodalite highlights shadow qualities for acceptance without judgement. It combines rational thought and objectivity with intuitive perception, bringing information from the higher mind down to the physical level and helping feelings to be verbalised. Helpful for dyslexia and dyspraxia, Sodalite deepens meditation and facilitates an understanding of circumstances. It assists in remaining true to yourself and your beliefs. This stone clears electromagnetic pollution and is helpful for people who are sensitive to ‘sick building syndrome’. It brings harmony, trust and solidarity of purpose to groups.

Caution: This stone/crystal contains toxic material and is best used tumbled. Wash hands after use and make essence by the indirect method only.

All our crystal meanings have been taken from Judy Hall who kindly granted Elements of Avebury permission to use them. For further information Judy Hall has released several books including The Crystal Bible series.

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a doctor. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek medical advice.