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Elements of Avebury Crystal Shaman Stone
Elements of Avebury Crystal Shaman Stone
Elements of Avebury Crystal Shaman Stone
Elements of Avebury Crystal Shaman Stone
Elements of Avebury Crystal Shaman Stone
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Shaman Stone

Regular price £48.00

Dimensions- 2, 5, 4cm (H, W, D)

Shaman Quartz is a stunning stone where the clear quartz has grown over organic matter or other stones. When polished the top of the stone looks like you are looking down onto a pool of water - seeing everything the quartz has grown over. Its a dreamers stone and officially known as Lodalite.

PROPERTIES: Journeying, inducing trance, healing ancestral patterns, earth healing, absorbing negativity and pollutants

As the names suggest, Shaman Quartz is a powerful journeying and visionary crystal that assists communication with the spirit realm, induces trance and soul healings. It has strong associations with mother earth and facilitates healing journeys through nature. Its combinations of Chlorite, Fluorite, Rutile, Hematite and Mica assist with self-realisation, cleanse the past, provide protection and discernment, pinpoint the karmic cause of a dis-ease, dissolve negativity and grounds and harmonizes body, mind and spirit whilst heightening the connection to your spiritual self. It is an absorbing stone, especially effective for negativity and environmental pollutants and clears a build-up of stagnant energy anywhere in the subtle bodies or environment. This stone removes energy implants, accessing their source in any lifetime.

When high in Chlorite, this form of Quartz is an excellent ancestral healer, revealing how patterns were formed and passed down, teaches how to have compassion for yourself and the family. It opens the way for changes in your life and the family and helps you find the gifts and break the pattern for future generations.

All our crystal meanings have been taken from Judy Hall who kindly granted Elements of Avebury permission to use them. For further information Judy Hall has released several books including The Crystal Bible series.

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a professional. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek professional advice.