Reiki 2 Practitioner's Level - Coming soon!

Reiki 2 Practitioner's Level - Coming soon!

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Also called Reiki II or in Japanese, Okuden. You will learn how to use the first three Reiki symbols and how to perform distant Reiki techniques. You will receive two further attunements to the Reiki energy which will deepen your experience of Reiki.  It enhances the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of oneself.

The course can be taken at least 6 months after Reiki One.  It is advisable to allow this time, so that the connection with the Reiki One attunements can settle and allow time for the adjustment of the higher vibration to take place.

This is a practitioner course and Reiki Two healers are able to practice on the public on a business basis, providing you take out insurance.  If you are already a therapist, you are likely to be able to use Reiki within your existing insurance.

This is a two day course.

Please contact to register your interest & for more information.