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Moss Agate and Howlite
Moss Agate and Howlite
Moss Agate and Howlite
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Moss Agate and Howlite

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Inside diameter: 6.5cm

Moss Agate is a stabilizing stone strongly connected with nature and all that grows. As a birthing crystal, it is extremely useful whenever you are starting a new venture or making a new beginning in your life. A powerful abundance stone that protects what you have as well as drawing inner and outer riches to you, Moss Agate strengthens your self-esteem. It is the perfect stone if you have lost hope as it promotes trying one more time and gives you insight into why you have not yet succeeded, so that you can amend your plans and achieve success. Moss Agate is said to refresh the soul and enable you to see the beauty in all you behold.  It is helpful in reducing sensitivity to weather and to environmental pollutants and is extremely beneficial for anyone employed in agriculture or associated with botany.  Moss Agate can act with a dual purpose, helping intellectual people access their intuitive feelings and, conversely, aiding intuitive people to channel their energy practically. It releases fear and stress and aids self-expression and communication.

Howlite is an extremely calming stone, stilling the mind and emotions, especially from past lives and is excellent for sleep or meditation.  Its calming energies assist reasoned communication to take place, strengthen memory and stimulate a desire for knowledge. Linking into spiritual dimensions it helps to access past lives, opens attunement and prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insights. It assists out of body journeys and can take you to other times or dimensions when you focus on it. Placed on the third eye, it opens past life and between-life memories state the spiritual dimensions. This stone releases the strings that tie old emotions to present life triggers.

Howlite helps to formulate and achieve both spiritual and material ambitions, teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger.  It also helps to strengthening positive character traits, overcoming a tendency to criticalness and selfishness. 

All our crystal meanings have been taken from Judy Hall who kindly granted Elements of Avebury permission to use them. For further information Judy Hall has released several books including The Crystal Bible series.

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a professional. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek professional advice.

We pride ourselves on being truly local – it’s better for the environment and supports the local community.