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Lyran Golden Abundance Codes with Sia-Lanu Estrella
Lyran Golden Abundance Codes with Sia-Lanu Estrella
Lyran Golden Abundance Codes with Sia-Lanu Estrella
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Lyran Golden Abundance Codes with Sia-Lanu Estrella

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Lyran Golden Abundance Codes

With Sia-Lanu Estrella

29th & 30th January 2022

 When you embody the Lyran Golden Abundance Codes, you activate yourself as a magnet for abundance. And you become an amplifier of abundance for all who flow abundance towards you. It is the re-connection to the divine flow of the multiverse – finances, love, wisdom, community, joy, adventure and all the blessings you desire.

 Upon the creation of the multiverse, we each gifted a golden aspect of our consciousness. This became the Arraya abundance consciousness. It is the essence of unity, love and co-creation. The ever-flowing infinity. And the Lyrans (our beautiful Lion and Lioness star brothers and sisters), led the seeding of this pure abundance consciousness onto Earth.

 When the dis-empowering programs were implanted on Earth, greed, corruption and hoarding prevailed. And the Arraya Abundance consciousness had to retreat. It was held and protected on the higher realms. In 2021, a group of gatekeepers on Earth came together with the Lyrans to restore the Arraya consciousness to Earth.

 This is the pure magic. It is the weaving and co-creation as your God/All essence. The pure abundance consciousness is a core foundation of the new Rainbow Earth. And as more embody it, the old corrupted forms will be eroded.

  “Remembering and reconnecting with the Lyran Golden Abundance Codes was such an amazing experience. Sia-Lanu guided us through this powerful journey with such gentleness and love that it felt like the most natural and harmonious experience I could have possibly wished for. It is hard to translate into words what I’ve been remembering and the deep understanding this experience awakened in me. I am extremely grateful for it!” – Elena, United States

 How Avebury is amplifying this remembering

 During the 2021 Summer Solstice, Sia-Lanu Estrella (author of The Rainbow Tablets) and Donna Byatt (owner of Elements of Avebury) were called into ceremony. A few weeks earlier, Sia-Lanu had brought together a group of 20 gatekeepers to restore the Arraya to Earth.

 Avebury stepped forward to hold these codes and weave the pure abundance consciousness into the ley lines. She has been stabilising and amplifying this frequency. And now she is calling to her those who are ready to step into the ever-flowing abundance and co-creation frequency of new Rainbow Earth.

 What the workshop includes

 This sacred calling is about the true embodiment of a new way. It amplifies your ability to weave as the master creator that you are, and attract all that you desire and is aligned with your highest good. Your weekend will include powerful activation's to re-connect you to the Arraya. And there will be talks and practices to help you integrate and embody all that you are receiving. Your weekend includes:

  • Removing abundance blocks & programs 
  • Meeting the Arraya Abundance consciousness
  • Lighting the golden flame & activating infinite abundance
  • Weaving abundance into your life
  • Anchoring pure abundance to Earth, supported by Avebury
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Insights and embodiment tools

 Spaces are limited, so book today to gift yourself this powerful remembering. This is the pure magic. It is the re-connection to the ever-flowing pulse of giving and receiving. As more of us re-embody the Arraya pure abundance consciousness, it will erode the old corruption on Earth. And we will once more co-create from a place of love, unity, joy and the infinite abundance of the multiverse. We are so excited to share this journey with you!

 Workshop details


  • Sat 29th Jan 2022: 12 – 6pm
  • Sun 30th Jan 2022: 12 – 6pm

 Energy exchange:

  • £222 including VAT
  • Limited spaces


  • Avebury Sports Centre
  • Accommodation suggestions below

 “It's a little over 3 months since I did Sia-Lanu's ‘Lyran Golden Abundance Codes’ retreat. What a difference it has made in my life! I can't believe how much has shifted and changed. I feel different – much more secure about life. Life seems easier, more in flow and less ‘work’. I'm super grateful for where I am in life now and really feel this retreat has played a major part in getting here.” – Ankhana, Spain

 About your hosts

 Sia-Lanu Estrella is a multidimensional healer and the channel and author of ‘The Rainbow Tablets: Journey back to wholeness.’ When she moved to Peru, the sacred Apus (mountain spirits) told her she was there to uncover the great mysteries. One day, she met the Rainbow Race. They are our Rainbow Unified Selves and shared that it was time for The Rainbow Tablets to be returned to Earth. They said this cosmic remembering would change the world. Already, over a thousand people have experienced this life-changing transmission. When Sia-Lanu moved to England, Avebury summoned her and she accepted the call. To find out more about the Rainbow Race and The Rainbow Tablets, you can listen to the first chapter here.

 Donna Byatt was called into service as a custodian of Avebury. For five years, she has lived and worked within the stone circle. She channels the crystal consciousness and higher beings through beautiful hand-made jewellery and works with the ley lines of Avebury. Then Avebury asked Donna to bring Sia-Lanu to town and call together starseeds from near and far. So, she honoured the call and this sacred offering was brought into being. 

 More about the event

 Arrival: We will begin at 12 noon, so please arrive beforehand. You might wish to come earlier to enjoy some time on the lands and in the stone circle.

 Food & drink: You may wish to bring plenty of water and a picnic lunch if you are arriving early. We will provide herbal teas and water during the event. And you will receive a small snack. But this high-frequency work can increase hunger, so we recommend bringing additional snacks with you. The pub will be open for dinner.

 Things to bring: Please bring a yoga mat to lie on for the activation's. If you need additional comforts like a small pillow for your head and/or lower back, please bring these. We recommend having layers in case you get cold, or you could pack a small blanket. We will be sitting on the floor for the day, so feel free to bring a meditation cushion to sit on. Chairs will be available for those who need them. You will also need a journal and pen to take notes.

 Public transport: The nearest train station is Swindon station. Buses to and from Avebury depart around every hour on Saturday and every two hours on Sunday. Please check the timetable to plan your connections.

 Parking: You can park at the Sports and Social Club in Avebury.

 Accommodation: If you wish to stay the night, here is a list of places you can stay:

You could also explore other lovely areas like Marlborough nearby, or even Salisbury or Glastonbury if you wanted to take in some other sacred sites. It is best to book ahead of time.

 Gifts for Avebury: You might wish to bring a gift of thanks to offer to the land. This could be a flower, crystal, feather or even singing or playing an instrument.

 We look forward to seeing you!

 This is the link to the first chapter: