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Exploring Your Energy System Chakra Course - from 5 October, 7-9pm
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Exploring Your Energy System Chakra Course - from 5 October, 7-9pm

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Exploring Your Energy System Chakra Course - an indepth look at each of the 21 chakras

There is much more to the chakra system than just the 7 main chakras often discussed in spiritual and healing work. In this course we will explore and deeply connect with the 21 chakras within your energy system.

We will look at each individual chakra over 21 days. We will cover where these chakras are, what they are for, how the chakras develop, the signs that indicate they are in or out of balance and the crystals that are connected to each chakra. We will connect with each chakra through meditation giving you personal deep connection with your own energy system and the knowledge of how to use this system to help you grow and develop.

By connecting and understanding your chakras, you can unblock areas of your life, identify areas of your life that require healing & bring healing into those areas and help your energy to flow, enabling the body to be healthy and balanced.

We will also be using the new channelled symbols for the chakra system. These symbols have come in to help you connect with the chakras at their new frequency.

By the end of the 21 day course you will have a deep understanding of your energy and extensive knowledge of the 21 chakra system.

5 October
12 October
19 October
16 November
23 November
30 November
14 December

Time: 7-9pm 

Cost: £10 per class or for a block booking of 7 classes only £45
To book all 21 classes £120

To book please contact Ann Noble via email or messenger


Please contact us at Elements of Avebury at to register your interest. You will then be sent an email with more details.