Dragon Healing - Sunday 30 September, 10am-4pm

Dragon Healing - Sunday 30 September, 10am-4pm

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This is a unique opportunity to be attuned to the amazing Dragon Healing energy.

Dragon Healing attunes you directly to an interdimensional source of healing Energy. You will meet and be guided by your own Master Dragon who will help facilitate your Dragon Healing Journey.

This workshop is the first Dragon Healing workshop and will be taught by the founder of the modality Magenta Catz.

Magenta had over 20 years of experience working with energy and is a Reiki Master, Teacher and Holistic Life Therapist.

There are prerequisites to attend this workshop, you must hold level 2 Reiki in any reiki therapy and have had  a year of regular practice. When booking you will need to send copies of your certificate with your booking and any other relevant qualifications.

This workshop will run from 10am to 4pm.  You will receive a manual, an attunement to Dragon Healing, a certificate of attunement and have a practical experience of giving and receiving Dragon Healing.

To book please contact Ann Noble via phone on 07975856815 or email: workshops@elementsofavebury.co.uk.