Elements of Avebury Blue Mist Faden Quartz Pendant
Elements of Avebury Blue Mist Faden Quartz Pendant
Elements of Avebury Blue Mist Faden Quartz Pendant
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Blue Mist Faden Quartz Pendant

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Length- 7cm

Faden Quartz gets its name from its thread-like lines which symbolise the ‘silver cord’ that anchors the etheric body to the physical during out of body experiences, making it an excellent stone for journeying and also for recovering fragmented soul parts.  It links to the Higher Self, and helps access the between life state, revealing root causes of dis-ease and an overview of soul lessons, making it useful past life regression. This stone brings resilience during trauma, balances the emotions, heals broken trust in relationships, encourages self-love and teaches how to express yourself authentically with others.

Faden Quartz brings harmony and communication to family or a group, enhances self-healing and personal growth, purifies the biomagnetic sheath and harmonizes chakra energy flow, opening all, especially the crown and past life chakras.

All our wrapped crystals are very carefully hand selected especially for wrapping in silver.

Where are the crystals wrapped? Our silver wrapping is all done on site at Elements of Avebury and is in 925 silver.

All our crystal meanings have been taken from Judy Hall who kindly granted Elements of Avebury permission to use them. For further information Judy Hall has released several books including The Crystal Bible series.

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a professional. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek professional advice.

We pride ourselves on being truly local – it’s better for the environment and supports the local community.