Blue Lemurian Calcite Sphere
Blue Lemurian Calcite Sphere
Blue Lemurian Calcite Sphere
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Blue Lemurian Calcite Sphere

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Diameter 6cm 

New Find! Lemurian Calcite is an absolutely gorgeous stone from Argentina... for the New World!

PROPERTIES: Lemurian Aquatine Calcite is a green/blue to pale blue  form of calcium carbonate from Argentina. 

This lovely new find has been associated with the Lemurian energy and has been gifted to the planet NOW to support the re-seeding of the New Earth. 

As we transition, Starseeds all over the world are seeking crystals to help them bring their gifts into the world. Supporting your light body this crystal will help you remain calm in the storms and release you from any fear as you step forward with your gifts. Aligned only to your highest frequency, highest consciousness and highest self. 

Remaining a clear vessel for transmission is important to you know, Lemurian Calcite ensures a gentle flow of information from higher dimensions which include Lemurian, ArchAngels, Elementals and other cosmic beings. Being able to enter these realms with ease will elevate your consciousness, your dreams and your telepathic abilities.

This crystal meaning was transmitted to Donna in 2020

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a doctor. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek medical advice.