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Blue Kyanite and Claddagh Bracelet
Blue Kyanite and Claddagh Bracelet
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Blue Kyanite and Claddagh Bracelet

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At the heart of every relationship is our ability to be able to communicate our feelings with honesty and compassion. Claddagh, the Irish symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship, together with beautiful blue Kyanite helping us to speak with ease, allow us to navigate our way towards healthy and loving unions.

 PROPERTIES: Aligning the chakras, connecting to guides, tranquilising, aids meditation, opening the throat,

Kyanite is excellent for atunement and meditation. It is tranquillising and a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and the intuition. This stone helps spiritual energy to manifest in thought, connects to guides, and instils compassion. It aids dream recall and promotes healing dreams.  It has a strong resonance with the throat and thyroid, especially the blue colour, and opens the throat chakra, aiding self-expression and communication and encourages speaking one’s truth.

Kyanite instantly aligns the chakras and subtle bodies, clearing the pathways and meridians and restoring Qi to the physical body and its organs.  In healing, it stabilizes the biomagnetic field after clearing and transformation. Kyanite does not hold negativity and cuts through ignorance, opening to spiritual and psychological truth.  Increasing the capacity for logical and linear thought, Kyanite stimulates the higher mind, links into the causal level and slices through confusion, dispels blockages, illusion, fear anger and frustration. It shows the part we play in manifesting, helping to detach from the idea of blind fate or implacable karma, and what we need to find the balance.  Kyanite facilitates the ascension process by drawing the light body down into the physical realm and connecting the higher mind to the topmost frequencies; earthing spiritual vibrations, it brings spiritual integrity and maturation.