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'Archangel Michael' Mala
'Archangel Michael' Mala
'Archangel Michael' Mala
'Archangel Michael' Mala
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'Archangel Michael' Mala

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A gorgeous MALA that has been handmade inside the sacred stone circle of Avebury in Wiltshire. These MALA are all made to order so the stones may vary slightly from those seen in the picture.

108 crystal beads, each bringing meaning, each bringing energy. The Mala is a journey through time, space, and elements, encircling you with life-affirming spirit. Each knot tied with guidance from spirit, set with an intention and bound to the Guru bead that holds your prayers and hopes for a life to be lived with purpose. 

The transmission that came through whilst the Mala was made will also be included as a hand written note and is as follows:

'Archangel Michael' 

You are about to be integrated with the energies of Archangel Michael if you are not already!

His powerful protection, 'The Sapphire Ray', woven deeply into the core of this MALA specifically for you! The spiritual work and service you are offering is acknowledged and wearing this MALA can offer you a direct channel to Archangel Michael.

As you dive into deeper realms of 'work' this deeper connection is granted to you. You are going to be guided to complete more service work over the coming months dear one, and in the highest good of all consciousness and in full integrity, Archangel Michael will work with you, guide, support and protect you. 

DUMORTIERITE PROPERTIES: Dumortierite works on soul and past life levels- on the soma chakra it breaks ties that no longer serve and facilitates rescinding vows, on the past life chakra or soma chakra it activates past life memories, placed behind the ear, it opens clairaudience. It assists contacting angelic or spirit guides and can take you to the beginning of your soul journey to examine contracts and agreements, renegotiating these if no longer applicable and reconnecting to innate wisdom. It gives confidence to stand up for yourself and adapt to the functional reality of life, offers patience or courage, and activates your self-preservation instinct, instilling unshakeable self-confidence.

Dumortierite breaks a karmic cycle of co-dependency, helping carers realise their role and highlighting the patterns underlying addictions and compulsions so that cellular memory is re-programmed. It identifies and releases past life causes of dis-ease, difficult circumstances or relationships in the present life. It stabilises a rocky relationship and attracts a soulmate – although there may be difficult lessons to learn in the process. Dumortierite sees the worth in each human being and reasons for the interaction, highlights why you chose to learn through difficulties and challenges and assists in thanking the other person for their role in your karmic learning process.

This crystal calms and focuses when chaos and trauma are present, promotes mental clarity, self-discipline, detachment, self-love and joie de vivre and helps you to remain young at heart with a constructive attitude to life. It overcomes stage fright, shyness, stress, phobias, insomnia, panic, fear, depression or stubbornness.

 GOLDSTONE PROPERTIES: Transmuting, finding self-confidence, instilling courage, instilling positivity, feeling fully alive

Goldstone is a shiny manmade glass created by adding copper or other salts to molten glass and is often sold as ‘the money stone’. It is valued for both its sparkling appearance and its transmutative qualities, it instils in the wearer a positive attitude and unshakeable self-confidence, supporting courage to try something new and enhancing energy levels. With the assistance of this sparkling stone, you experience the pleasure of being fully alive and inwardly wealthy.

 Angel Aura Rock Crystal – Offers a highly supportive spiritual energy of exquisite purity. The iridescence shines like the wings of Angels, hence the name, and contacts guardian angels and angelic guidance. This crystal facilitates remembering soul lessons from past incarnations and attuning to present life soul purpose. It clears the throat chakra and encourages loving communication. Angel Aura aligns all the chakras and harmonises the subtle bodies with the physical. It can relieve anxiety, panic attacks and phobia’s.

Each Mala comes with its own, handmade pouch to keep it safe when it is not being worn.

Please note - all the Mala are handmade when they are ordered so there will be some slight differences in the stones used in the photos.

If you like what you see and would prefer to have a Mala made just for you - please visit us here or send us an email to for more information or to discuss your requirements.

All our crystal meanings have been taken from Judy Hall who kindly granted Elements of Avebury permission to use them. For further information Judy Hall has released several books including The Crystal Bible series. 

Please note crystals and their meanings are not a substitute for the advice of a doctor. If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, please seek medical advice.


As each Mala is individually handmade from when we receive the request, we are unable to accept Next Day Delivery on Malas and appreciate your patience.